Popular Toning Foot Wear – Tread For a Delectable Derriere!

Don’t just sit back and witness the spurt in popular toning foot wear this year, join in! Yes, the high in popularity as well as effectively toning foot wear should be added to your ‘must have’ collection. Trust the best when it comes to foot wear in 2012 that has looks that can potentially kill and features which can get to those enviably well sculpted legs! Let’s dive into the sea of options available and the benefits associated with the latest style in the current year.

Popular Toning Foot Wear to Watch Out For in 2012

1)     Reebok Easy Tone- Knowing and following are two extremely different things. The same applies to many women who though know and realize that they should inculcate the habit of regular exercise but the idea of actually carrying it out is a totally different story. Well, this is so not going to be the case this year. Why? Because the fast growing popularity of this particular pair of toning shoes owing to not just its performance but also killer looks will compel you to use them! That’s a guarantee.

Check out this new entrant on the market that has also already found an ardent fan- fitness conscious Miranda Kerr.

No doubt these are trainers, but very stylish ones! You have countless color and style options to select from. So go on, find yourself the one that fits your personal style. You can obviously notice Miranda Kerr’s ‘To die for” figure in the campaign for Reebok Easy Tone. That’s how stunning you’ll look and feel not to forget the health advantages of this particular footwear. One of the first things you’ll notice is how incredibly soft these shoes are especially the extra cushioning provided on the back of the heels. These tried and tested shoes stand the weather giving no wet feet.

Reebok RunTone- Strengthen your muscles with each run in Reebok RunTone. These specially designed shoes make use of a different sole which add imbalance into your process of walking but with a good intention. Which is? To make the muscles of the lower body work it out! These will work in your body’s favour as you try to restore the normal balance. Get into your favorite figure hugging outfit or low waist jeans with ease by stepping into Reebok RunTone as a part of your daily routine.


To ensure that every single foot step of yours gets you into a seductive shape, break into ‘Shape-Ups” from Sketchers! After all, these were the first ones to define the toning footwear market. Sketchers have really popularized the idea of toning shoes. What makes them great is the cushioning effect and feel they furnish. You’ll feel the same every time you step into them. These walking shoes stimulate the leg and buttock muscles via a rocker sole and an ultra soft kinetic wedge. Make a quick exit from expense soaking and time consuming gyms and allow light weight Sketcher Shape Ups to provide balance training and core muscle workout. Here is a perfect example of Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner

And yes, the sales numbers do speak out loud about its skyrocketing popularity.

 Translate to a Sleek Leg Shape

It’s very much within your foot’s reach! Give one shot to curved sole MBT Toning shoes and you’ll get addicted to them in no time. These were one of the initial rocker bottom containing shoes made available to fitness conscious people in the UK. The Masai Barefoot Technology explores the advantages that one derives from walking barefoot in the sand. The bottom does a world of good to correct your posture besides minimizing the lower back strain many complain of. You bet! Working women in the UK and still rejoice in chorus since the first day of the launch!

Go Attractively Leaner This Year!

This ‘one of a kind’ footwear assists in balance and is highly recommended for those with leg, foot as well as lower back ailments. Try these for long lasting relief to the symptoms. You can’t trick the technology injected in RYN toning shoes! You’ll be forced to walk in the correct posture. These shoes work on the group of muscles that till date have not shed the required amount of calories especially the calves. Comfort comes with the wider toe box which does not hamper the blood circulation or breath-ability.

Puma recently released Body Train toning shoes that look feminine, lighter and chic! Keep yourself fit even during nil free time. How come? These toning shoes are so good to look at and light that you can’t let go off them during the day. Achieve a kiss ass butt without compromising on your style! The very slim mid-sole makes the product look enticing and claims to minimize pronation during walking. Stability gets thumbs up due to EVA foam.

 FitFlops- These specially designed shoes or sandals are god’s blessing for not just a good workout but for pain relief in cases such as heel spurs, osteoarthritis etc. They are getting even more style oriented in 2012 and include sandals, slip-ons, sneakers etc.

Any of the above will encourage wearers to realise their ideal body shape for real! Derive health benefits with such bona fide footwear. Get walking!