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Team Spirit: Shop Great Varsity Styles

There may be no “I” in TEAM, but there sure is one in VARSITY! And “I” am making it my agenda to let you know where to purchase this hot new varsity styles trend. Who doesn’t like a little team spirit!?

From leather biker jackets to trench coats, some styles never go out of fashion, this would also include the varsity jacket.  We no longer need to be on the football team, or a bleach blonde cheerleader to purchase one of these looks. Stores and designers today are putting their own tasteful spin on such an iconic piece. Topshop has come out with some great varsity inspired jackets for the summer that are affordable and look great! Let’s go team Topshop!

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Now let’s break a sweat! From jackets to now sweatshirts, the varsity look has gone viral. Nothing is better than wearing some shorts and an oversized sweatshirt for those breezy summer nights by the bonfire. HBA also known as Hood By Air, is an up and coming New York City based design company dedicated to making great, on trend, street wear. HBA has recently done an exclusive design for the VFILES Shop. Be sure to pick up this great look while supplies last.

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To sporting off your varsity jacket to breaking a sweat in your varsity sweatshirt, now it’s time to show a little team spirit and root for your favorite designer in your Les Plus Dores NYC tee. Made from the finest of fine materials, these tee shirts come in a variety of shades that will suit just about any outfit you are trying to pull off. A simple basic tee simply never goes out of style, and if you want to be rooting in-style there is no better way to do so than in your Les Plu Dores tee shirt.

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Back in 2012, while Raf Simon’s was head of Jil Sanders, he did a collection inspired by the cult coffee-table book “Cult Ivy” that documented Ivy League student fashions from the 1960’s.  For our more uppity, preppy consumers, you can still purchase some of these classic varsity looks from his Pre-Fall 2012 collection. Sometimes a little splurging is necessary. From Ivy League Prep to Varsity Street chic, DKNY Resort 2014 encompassed a bit of team spirit into her current collection as well. Through you won’t be able to purchase DKNY Resort 2014 looks right this moment, they will soon be hitting stores by early next year. That’s a little something we can all agree on looking forward to.

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The varsity style is kicking off in full gear! This new take on a classic design is taking the fashion world by storm. With boosting up your look to a more athletic vibe, the varsity aesthetic is the best way to achieve this style! From jackets, to sweatshirts, jerseys, and more, this look is surely one to adore. We no longer have to be a high school student or enrolled in college in order to pull off the varsity trend. Designers are now making this style purchasable to the world. I consider shopping a sport, so why not look my very best while doing it. We all have a little team spirit in all of us, and now it’s time to let it out, dress it up, and show it off! LET’S GO TEAM!