Post Big Brother, Julian Now Wants to be Told What to do!

Big Brother UK fame Julian Clary claims that he has to get adjusted to the fact that he should start doing things on his own now.

He doesn’t feel like he’s in the real world.

Julian topped the public vote in the latest Big Brother UK final.

Julian exclaimed that he still feels like he’s not in the real world and it’s going to take a few days to adjust and see if he can do things on his own without being told. All this after he won the show with a great support from the public.

When enquired why he felt viewers had voted for him as the winner of the latest series on Channel 5, Julian answered that his relationship with Julie would have struck a chord with the viewers and ‘people got to know the other person in me’ from the clichéd camp queen – they’ve got to know him in detail.

He claimed that he had thought Ashley and Coleen would win but the public went alongside comedy and he got the brighter chance to take the victory throne.

Meanwhile Julian is preparing to go on a tour and admits there are many such sweet memories of a lifetime that he would be carrying from his time in the Big Brother house.

He is looking forward to his comedy tour named ‘Position Vacant, Apply within’. He promises to include the moments that he had in the Big Brother program and guarantees that the tour would be a house of rich comedy.

It’s really amazing how the first set of trials have gone really well for Julian, with the audience claiming Julian to be wonderful and fabulous. He is clearly on top of the world with his win in the recent Celebrity Big Brother.

His quest is very simple, find a suitable husband for himself before the dusk!

He admits that during his first night in Brighton he was nervous but soon regained himself as a comedian and entertainer. Surprise struck him like a lightning which includes the act which he did with Justin Bieber including a song which was totally unique.

To sum it all, he brought out best of his talents and clearly became a leader entertaining the masses.

He made sure that people have an awesome experience and so they did claiming him to be ‘Fabulous’.