Printed Jeans – Move Over From Drab To Fab in 2012!

Say cheers to a unique change in fashion trend this year. It’s certainly an unexpected one- Printed Jeans are the latest trend setters for all seasons, especially in summer time. These are way more relevant than the usually worn blue and black ones. First, colored jeans made their appearance and now printed jeans! The popularity of printed jeans is mainly due to its property of “wear it any time of the day”. Be it a weekend brunch with family, shopping trip with boyfriend or a romantic dinner date, this style can get you through the day with many compliments.

Even celebrities with an inherent taste for X factor have already bid goodbye to their plain denims for good. Fashion police too noticed the printed trend among many fashion icons, some of which are Rihanna, Cassie and diva Beyonce too! The prints seen on the jeans will make your eyes pop. Yes that’s just one of the many reasons why you must welcome this change into your wardrobe. They definitely add flavor when paired with simple and chic accessories and tops.

printed and colored jeans

 Achieve ‘The’ Look For Spring and Summer 2012

 All the top brands can be seen promoting and showcasing this exclusive leg wear.  The large variety of printed jeans begins with animal prints of tigers, leopards, snake skin to artistic patterns, stripes, tie- dyed to the floral prints. Printed jeans from J Brand,Hudson, Rag and Bone and Gap are to die for this year. They have innumerable choices in printed jeans, those that inject fun plus elegance to your presence. Let’s take a look at some of the printed jeans and their high likeability designs.

Leopard printed jeans that have a solid, dark base look amazing with neutral or pastel colored pieces such as a light flowy top, jewellery and wedge heels with ankle straps. Don’t let the wild leopard print overpower you. Instead, tame it with a neatly striped tee, an eye-catching bag with platform heel footwear. For a casual day look, pair your light colored printed jeans with a loose fit shirt, booties that have low heels plus a comfortable scarf to go with.

 Printed Jeans

If bright colored printed jeans are not your thing, don’t give up on the ongoing craze so easily. There are in fact, many neutral colored jeans with subtle prints that allow you to comfortably experiment without feeling too conscious. A turtleneck of vibrant hues with suede wedge boots sounds like a cool idea. A clutch with embossed pattern perfectly finishes off your day look. Master the popular edgy look that will make heads turn, stop and take notice. Skinny, printed jeans look oh-so- glam on slim girls. So if you have an enviable body shape, it’s time for you to take the fashionometer one notch higher- Yes, with tiger prints and snake skin patterns.

animal print jeans

Take inspiration from the given picture- A simple grey T- shirt that is layered over by a biker jacket and a cool, statement necklace that grants you the “total stunner” title.

Floral Printed Jeans: This year pleases all with comfortable, easy to wear printed jeans especially the floral ones. The floral print is one particular pattern that needs no efforts to stand out. Such floral printed jeans are soothing to the eyes and are seen in all types of jeans- from mid rise, low to high rise ones.       

floral jeans                         

Besides the commonly seen patterns of stripes, plaids, animal prints and polka dots, 2012’s trend of futuristic print is available in printed jeans too! Mix this futuristic print with a simple tee that never goes out of style, even after many light years.

 print jeans

Make a Statement with Printed Jeans

Many think this trend of printed jeans is solely meant for the red carpet stars and runway models. We can assure you that with more of our style tips, you’ll ooze style very much similar to the ones seen in any editorial spread. While opting for any printed style denims, always keep a few guidelines in mind:

Selection must be spot on– All you lasses must pick a print in a color and style that you feel sure of being the most comfortable and confident in. Pay attention while making a purchase of printed jeans for they should go well with your body type and shape. If prints have till date, never sounded too appealing to you, we can still help you out with this trend. It’s best to begin with mini floral motifs in place of big tropical flowers. The same applies to other prints.

Just like any pair of jeans, even these printed jeans look awesome only when they make a perfect fit on the waist, buttocks and hips. And the most crucial of all- getting the correct balance is the key. Printed jeans are all by themselves statement pieces so keep the rest of your outfit simple. A white blazer with high heels and hair pulled back completes the polished look.

It’s quite obvious from the examples above that printed jeans are definitely a cool alternative to classic denims. So, get your hands on a fine pair of printed jeans this year!