Eye Pencil Trends

A Recap of Eye Make up Trends of 2012: For the Most Gorgeous Looking Eyes

Looking back at Make up trends for 2012? Does it ring in any regrets for not having tried a particular trend or a particular style? If yes, Then you can leave all your regrets aside, there’s still 3 weeks left till we say goodbye to 2012 and those 3 weeks translate to 21 days of pure and passionate fashion.

Bring on the best of 2012’s clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, hairstyles and Make up and live each day at your fashionable best. If you are stressing over where you might find all the top fashions for 2012, then you really do not need to worry. We are here to guide you and help you in your venture to showcase the Hottest Styles for 2012.

In today’s presentation, we bring to you the trendiest Eye Make up trends of 2012. These trends rocked, shocked and grabbed a place at the top in 2012. So as you blink, let your eyes twinkle as people fall in love with your eyes and eye Make up with these top 10 eye Make up trends of 2012.

The Trend of Metallic Make up

Metallic make up really kicked off to a great start in 2012. With metallic shoes and bags coming to the forefront in 2010-11, it gave way to metallic make up in 2012. Metallic nail polish, nail art and eye shadows ruled the make up trends of 2012.

1. Silver Metallic Eye Shadow 2012

Silver Metallic Eye Shadow

Silver metallic eye shadow really stands out against a darker complexion, but it does not look bad either on women with a fairer complexion. A variety of brands have launched their own line of metallic make up. And silver is surely selling off the counters like crazy. Unless you want to miss out on this trend, you too better rush to the store to grab your kit of metallic silver eye shadow because this is one hot color that looks really cool on anyone who wears it.

2. Gold Metallic Eye Shadow 2012

Gold Metallic Eye Shadow

Women love an element of gold anywhere on them, whether in the form of jewelry, a bag or shoes. And now with gold eye shadow making its way to the top, women have found a new obsession.

Wearing sparkling gold eye shadow is the best way to avoid sleepy looking eyes. It makes for an amazing evening look due to the dazzling shine it brings to the wearer’s face, making your skin glow.


3. Bronze Metallic Eye Shadow 2012

Eye Makeup Trend

A darker variation of gold and a lighter variation of brown with the addition of sparkle, bronze is a unique yet fabulous color for eye shadow shades. It’s trendy, perky and very fashionable, in short, a must have for 2012.

If you are going for a metallic theme with a complete metallic look, make sure to pair different colors at the same time in your overall look. Pairing the same metallic shade can look quite disastrous.

Another style among metallic eye make up trends that you can watch out for is matt metallic make up. What we have showcased to you above are glossy and shiny metallic colors. Metallic colors have a natural shine, but if you wish to tone down the shine, you can always opt for matt metallic styles.

Blooming Bright Shades

Bright and vibrant eye shadow colors were quite trendy in the summer of 2012. Yes it’s winter now, but who says you can’t sport a few summery colors just to celebrate the magic that summer eye make up trends brought to 2012?

4. Green Eye Shadow

Eye Shadow Trend

Let the magic of summer come alive as you try to tackle nature one on one with this green eye shadow. Support the green cause and walk proudly with vibrant eyes.

5. Blue Eye Shadow

Blue Eye Shadow                              

It’s not light blue, it’s not navy blue and neither is it midnight blue that is hot among the eye make up trends in 2012. Electric blue it is! It electrified us all making us want to have that exact same shade on our eyes each time we saw it on someone else.

6. Orange Eye Shadow

Eye Makeup Trends

Get youthful and perky with bright orange colored eye shadow and bring out your flirty side with this flirty and fruity summer eye make up trend 2012.

7. Yellow Eye Shadow

Eye Shadow Trends

Yellow really isn’t a common color and if you’d ask us, we’d say that’s what really makes this color great. It’s unique. So make sure you get one of these to stand out.

Eternal Classics

It is true that some styles and trends never die and these classics stayed among the top 10 eye make up trends of 2012 as well. Here’s presenting to you the all time favorite eye make up trends:

8. Pink Eye Shadow

Pink Eye Shadow

To look like a dazzling fairy princess or for a romantic night out, your eye shadow color couldn’t get any better than pink.

9. Brown Eye Shadow

Eye Shadow Trends             

Although brown doesn’t qualify for a nude look, it certainly does make you look more natural than you would look wearing any other color. So if you do not want to go for a pale nude look, yet look natural, then brown’s the eye shadow for you.

10. Black Eye Pencil

Eye Pencil Trends

If eye shadow isn’t really your thing and you still want to have your eyes to stand out on your face, then the swish of a black eye pencil does the trick. Just outline your eyes with a black eye pencil or a black felt tip pencil and you are good to go.

Live the last few days of 2012 as a tribute to all the styles that made a bold fashion statement all through the year and celebrate the trends that rose and fell every season. Who knows what next year might bring, might keep or what it might take away!