Reese Witherspoon's Bags

Reese Witherspoon’s 5 Most Stylish Handbags – Lose Yourself in them!

Yea!! We’re back with some juicy coverage on your favourite stars’ favorite bags. We keep adding cherries on top of the cake by adding new celebrities with their timeless handbags to this compilation every now and then.

For all you Reese Witherspoon fans, today we bring to you Reese’s wonderful handbag collection. We’re sure that Reese’s fashion sense and her outfits might already be the envy of many women out there. Her elegant fashion and exquisite tastes make her style worth talking about.

If we get to talking about Reese’s bags, we’ve got to keep ourselves under control, because we tend to get so lost (WARNING: you will get lost too) in her tantalizing collection that we don’t even realize when we begin to drool.

Reese Witherspoon's Bags

 So now, get ready for Reese’s bags to roll and as you sit back, relax and read, be prepared to get mesmerized in a world full of knee weakening bags.

1. Phillip Lim Page Handbag

Only Reese possesses the secret to transform super casual into super sexy in her own super way. Although each piece of her outfit would look pretty ordinary individually, she manages to pair it up fabulously for a refreshing overall look. And with the perfect accessory by her side, her black leather Phillip Lim Page Handbag, why wouldn’t she look great?

 Reese Witherspoon

2. The Cabat by Bottega Veneta

What surprises us all is how Reese Witherspoon manages to amaze and beat us all in the race to find a bag that is very hard to find. Maybe you find a Cabat only if you deserve one and Reese surely does. She makes the Bottega Veneta Cabat look so stylish on her as she carries it with grace.

Reese Witherspoon's Handbag Collection

3. Celine Mini Shoulder Bag

Reese Witherspoon spells class in all capitals. Her formal fashion sense exudes elegance from every inch of her clothing and what tops it up for her is the classic black Celine Mini Shoulder Bag.The black leather and golden chained strap adds to the brilliance of this mini shoulder bag.

Celine Mini Shoulder Bag

4. Marc Jacobs Klein Quilted Frame Bag

Reese is always looking stylish. Even when it’s time for leisure, she’s got to be well dressed. It seems like Reese has been giving fashion advice to her daughter Ava lately. Look at Ava sporting that grey handbag in style. As for Reese, she tops off her amazing street look with a black Marc Jacobs Klein Quilted Frame Bag, perfect for the occasion.

 Reese Witherspoon's Handbag Collection

5. Chanel Bag

Who would want an arm candy in the form of male presence if we have a handbag like this? Oh well, don’t worry, we aren’t discrediting your male counterparts, of course you can carry this bag when out with them too and they will feel so proud of their woman who has a great fashion sense.

We’ve got to give it to Reese for making this already marvelous looking Chanel Bag all the more marvelous.

Reese Witherspoon's Chanel Bag

With that, we have come to the end of yet another coverage on your favorite stars’ favorite bags. And yes, we are very well aware that Reese’ bags were not the only thing that you lusted after, we’re pretty sure her clothes mesmerized you too. Right, aren’t we? 😉