Rihanna’s New Venture – Fashion Designing: It’s Happening For Real

So, it has been confirmed. Sensational siren Rihanna has come a long way since her ‘umbrella’ days and is all set to join hands with reputed brandRiverIslandfor the launch of her new clothing line. It wasn’t long ago that the sultry singer designed a few successful pieces for Emporio Armani and now it is time to wait in anticipation as to what she presents to her zillion fans, especially the UK based crowd. She did mention it on her blog that it was her long-time desire to design clothes.

To do so, she chose aUKbrand as her perfect partner and one of the reasons stated was her love forLondonfashion. For some, this piece of news must be almost like music to the ears and this certainly does include me too! Here’s my take as to why her broad spectrum fashion taste will totally work in her favour; just like the relentless musical hits she delivers time and again.

Her Evolution and the Revolution That Ensued

Rihanna (original name Robyn Rihanna Fenty) from Barbados came into the music industry and pulled up a storm in the year 2005. And this storm has not ceased or lost momentum even for a split second. The credit for this high ride goes to her versatility that is a characteristic feature of both, quality of her voice as well as the taste for fashion. What makes me excited about her clothing line plans she has in the pipeline is the fact that Rihanna stirred up fashion trends that not many could think of carrying off with flair.

A talented young woman, Rihanna has all it takes to succeed in the fashion designing department.  In my opinion, there are many reasons as to why the fashion loving crowd would eagerly look forward to her ‘self designed creations’ when they hit the shops.

She is a young trendsetter MANY (and believe you me when I lay strong emphasis on every syllable of the word ‘Many’) lasses try hard to follow. Do you remember how this year the much overlooked sloppy pyjama look was brought back into limelight with Rihanna wearing a silk one at a function in Tokyo?

Rihanna, the Stylish Fashion Designer

Like a true fashion lover, she keeps up with the latest rad trends and also dares to customise them, be it about gold nail wraps or pointy nails to risky hairdos and eye catching accessories. In fact, our very much liked RiRi has cleared all the assessments celebrities are subjected to on a less than microscopic level with flying colours. This ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ is surely going to design clothes that will allow young girls to dress up like a trendy replica of her.

A few trends I would personally like Rihanna to incorporate include the often wrongly executed fluid style, retro styled clothes and the ones that ooze the subtly sexy yet edgy style. She mesmerised one and all with her all pure white pantsuit and blazer. Getting some of that and even tuxedos would be like the icing on the cake many would hog. Not for nothing is this diva on the American and British Vogue cover.

The fashion world awaits your collection, crooning glory Rihanna!