Spinter Trends 2013

Rock Spinter 2013 with 5 Hottest Fashion Trends

Spinter, spinter, what’s this word going around these days? Well, ‘spinter’ is simply spring and winter put together to form the word. And by “spinter” fashion we mean the trends that are hot and happening when winter begins to fade and spring starts to take shape.

You can still feel the fading winter chill in the air during spinter but the sun begins to shine brighter than before and this climatic shift can really begin to play with your fashion sense leaving you confused regarding what to wear. On one hand you may want to start wearing short dresses, but with the chill affecting your legs, you may want to cover it up with legwarmers. So how do you respond to spinter with the hottest fashion trends? We can show you how as we present to you some trendy tips for spinter fashion 2013.

The biggest question you may pose to yourself is, “What do I wear? So here are some choices for you to wear.

1. Long Sleeve Knee Length Dresses

To protect yourself from the mild chill and still have a spring like freshness in your wardrobe you can opt for knee length, long sleeve dresses. Try not to opt for dark shades like black, maroon and brown; rather go with perky and bright shades like red, pink, green, blue and purple to give it a spring look.

Spinter Trends 2013

2. Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses reflect the freshness and beauty of summer, so what makes the maxi dress a good choice for winter? Firstly, maxi dresses have the advantage of length, thus protecting your legs from being exposed to cold. And secondly, maxi dresses go well with jackets. And lastly, if you aren’t feeling too chilly, maxi dresses are made of a light material.

Spinter Trends 2013

3. Shorts with Tights

There are many women who simply love wearing shorts and miss wearing them during autumn and spring. Spinter brings good news for you because you can begin to don shorts once again. You may ask how because the chill has not yet completely faded. So this is how you can do it, pick up your favorite shorts and simply pair them up with a matching pair of tights or a standard black pair of tights. Avoid using legwarmers, they are meant only for winter.

Spinter Trends 2013

4. Floral Trousers with Colorful Blazers

Anything that’s floral looks great for summer or spring so you can begin wearing floral prints during spinter. You can opt for floral trousers or leggings and pair them up with long sleeve shirts or t-shirt with a colorful blazer over it. As far as possible, avoid wearing dark colored trousers and dark colored blazers during spinter.

Spinter Trends 2013

5. Trench Coats

The chilly weather doesn’t let us completely shed off layers and opt for light clothing in spinter. We still need to be covered up and wearing a trench coat over your dresses, shirts, skirts and trousers is a good way to keep warm in spinter and stay stylish at the same time.

Spinter Trends 2013

Now we do hope that we have prepared you well for spinter. You still have 6–8 weeks more to go shopping for spinter and wear clothes that fit with the seasons as well as complement your fashion sense. So go make the best of spinter 2013 by being a trendy you. You deserve the best of fashion and the best of everything.