A Closer Look At The Scarf Print Clothing Trends For 2012

Totally innovative and mind-blowing! That is how we would describe the newest Scarf Print Trends of 2012! What a variety of concepts! These prints were there all the while and how queer is it that the beautiful and striking scarf prints did not assume such a huge proportion ever!

Scarf Prints are a rage this summer and are all over the displays of the most talked about stores in the high street areas. The incredible look, the individualistic appeal of each print and the affordability are the key characteristics which set this trend apart from the rest.

Whatever is about to unfold is only a miniscule drop in the huge ocean of effervescent colors and prints this season.

D&G floored most of the spectators at the Milan fashion week with their latest and striking lavish scarf prints in pulsating colors and uneven hemlines. These newest styles will definitely not cease to attract you unless you go ahead and make them a part of your revamped wardrobe.



 The leading brand Topshop has also entered the scene with a broad range to select from scarf prints in shirts, skater dresses and shorts.



The scarf print trends for 2012 look great as formal wear too. Designers have come up with striking designs and patterns, more often than not, on sheer, satin or silk fabrics. The casual wear in these prints look equally remarkable because of the loud style statement the prints create.

We are sure that you simply cannot resist beholding the charm of this scarf print blouse. It is a great outfit to combine and wear with various other prints to give dressing and fashion an entirely new perspective. This trend is sure spreading like a forest-fire.

  This scarf print trendy shirt from Wallis is a piece of dressing for the chilled and the relaxed souls. It exudes so much serenity and freshness with the blue symmetrical print and the beauty of the neckline makes it even more appealing. The black divider accentuates the already beautiful print and makes the shirt look quite interesting.



 Dresses in scarf prints are a perfect choice to be carried to Ibiza as this trend goes hand in hand with the Bohemian look traditional to the Balearic Islands and the hippy culture rampant on the White Isle!

The bold leopard print incorporated in the stunning colorful scarf print in this Zoe bodice, brings out the best in a woman’s silhouette. The raw feel and the most natural instinct of this look make it even more desirable.


    Zoe Baroque Print Body

 The mesmerizing pattern on the waistline, the smart neckline and the bold design makes this shirtdress stand apart from the crowd. The unique pink and the ochre yellow stand out in the black background accentuating the trendy large prints.



 The raw appeal of this outfit has a tad tribal effect to it. The ethnic print, the geometry in this unique design and the plunging neckline give a traditional feel to this stunning scarf print maxi from Sabine.


    Sabine Scarf Print Maxi

Pastel colors are a rage this season and are well-accentuated in this authentically designed over-blouse. The pastel pink and blue make this top a perfect match for the blue denim shorts.

This scarf print looks bold on this chain jacket and gives a whole new meaning to the word ‘jacket’. This is a smash-hit must-wear this season.

 Chain Jacket

The unique, polished look of this scarf print tee from Topshop has a lot to do with its geometrical design. The artistic appeal and the sense of logic that this design radiates is one of a kind.

Do we need verbiage for this startling scarf print attire? An amazing outfit for all the very fashionable, metro-sexual men out there! Grab it and steal the show!

This fashion season has seen a huge change shape up, ripping apart the traditional fashion handbooks. All the possible approaches and tenets to dressing have been broken into pieces with the smashing entry of the scarf print. This is a season to flaunt too many prints at once, creating a multifarious effect!  If you are not the type who would want to sport multiple prints at once, then make sure that you wear at least two because one is definitely not enough. You can either keep the colour palette restricted and patterns similar to maintain an unassuming look, or challenge the God of winds to mix up your motley of colors and scarf prints and reveal your conspicuous persona!

The scarf print trends are here with a huge bang this season and have made their presence felt in all the major shopping arcades, on all the hot n happening runways and also at the street-side shopping pergolas. A major style statement for the bold and the vivacious, are you still pondering over the possibility of wearing one? Go grab it and get in vogue!