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School-Wear Trends that will Knock You Off and Rock this Winter

Designers have been inspired by schoolgirl wear for the forthcoming fall / winter season. You will see several innovative school uniform inspired outfits this winter. Mind you they won’t be the regular run of the mill formulae. This fall is definitely about merging different facets of youth with the trends that ruled various decades.

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Smarty pleats, peter-pan collars and tied up shoes

Sharon Wauchob brought back the memories of the 80s era, amalgamating gentleness of prints along with shimmering and vivacious colours.

What happens when fashion designers become directors?

The answer is – Brilliant creations! Or at least we would like to believe so, especially in the context of what Lauren Moffatt’s fall 2012 collection offered us.

Lauren’s presentation was organized in an actual classroom location. Yea, can you believe it? Isn’t that so original? What’s more, she had every detail meticulously presented to the letter – be it the neatly tied pleats or perfectly ironed peter-pan collars or the typical schoolgirly tied up shoes.

While Lauren focused on these details Veda presented her school girls in sexual outfits.

Mischievous, sexy, naughty bitchy girls

Veda’s fall 2012 showcase of her collection in NY had all the elements of school-lasses-gone-bad wherein girls wore dangerously short tartan skirts teamed up with thigh-high stockings. Another notable aspect of Veda’s presentation was the creative use of cameras with the rebellious school girls (read models) holding cameras in sexy poses. Girls, get ready to make boys fall on their knees this fall. Get ready to go to the party with that boy in these sexy school-girl outfits.

Innocent vs rebellious

Generally the look of winter 2012’s collection can be classified into 2 types: Innocent, or rebellious. And why do we say that? More so, how did we derive at this categorization?

Clearly the former focused on the sweet, naïve, charming, childlike and ostensibly introverted personality of a school girl wearing comparatively longer skirts and relatively higher collars with neatly combed hair. However, the latter look evidently highlighted the sexuality and sensuality of the girl who wears makeup, experiments with her hair, wears very short skirts and long socks (long enough not to spoil the fun, you know what we mean, eh).

Exclusive School Girl Fashion Tips for Winters

If you want to experiment with both the innocent and the rebellious look, go right ahead and infuse a bit of both the schoolgirl avatars in one outfit this fall.

For your instant use, we present to you some essential aspects from the school girl look:

  • Wide glasses with horn rims
  • retro hairdos such as a 60s braid
  • Buttoned-up shirts
  • Ankle and/ or thigh high socks
  •  Wear varsity jacket and skinny trousers to bring about the mischievous and rebellious rock-look of 50s

2012’s school girl fashion is a heady mix of inspired trends from different generations.

Word of caution: Least you would want is to be misjudged for a schoolgirl bunking school! So our editors suggest teaming the outfit with a motorbike jacket preferably in leather, chic earrings, statement bracelets and exciting colours.

This fall, be trendy while you stay warm!