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She’s Rihanna and She’s Got THE BAGS, Baby!

You’ve seen chic, you’ve seen trendy and you’ve seen elegant too. It’s been quite a stylish ride here with your favorite stars’ favorite bags and it’s been raining elegance and charm all over these bags. It’s high time we bring on something offbeat in your favorite series on your favorite stars’ favorite bags and Rihanna’s bags give you just that.

RiRi lives up to her rockstar image with her fashion sense. It’s different, it’s trendy and it is pretty perky. We’re sure you’re going to enjoy this compilation of Rihanna’s offbeat bags. We surely did because we’ve never seen bags like these before and we’re pretty sure you didn’t too. Nevertheless, they are VERY stylish.

Rihanna's Bags

So here goes Rihanna’s compilation of offbeat and trendy bags.

1. Alexander Wang Brenda Shoulder Bag

Rihanna's Bags

Just like her collection of handbags, Rihanna’s personal sense of style too is pretty offbeat and she always finds a bag to fit every image of hers. This blue denim Alexander Wang Brenda Shoulder Bag is every bit trendy and offbeat. Our verdict – We love it!

2. Prada Ostrich Tote

Rihanna's Bags

Now who would think of pairing up a bag like that with an outfit like that? Rihanna would! It may not seem like quite a great combination, but on her it surely rocks. And that Prada Ostrich Tote certainly stands out and grabs your eyeballs with awe.

3. Prada Leather Brief

Rihanna's Bags

Now that’s a privileged moment for Rihanna’s bodyguard. How we wish she’d let us carry that amazing Prada Leather Brief on her behalf! Its color and style both make this handbag such an amazing find.

4. Miu Miu Matelasse Frame Oversized Clutch

Rihanna's Bags

Now that’s a very unique looking clutch, isn’t it? From all the clinging to it that she is doing, we can tell that Rihanna loves this Miu Miu Matelasse Frame Oversized Clutch. We wonder what Chris Brown has to say about Rihanna’s lovely arm candy.

5. Diane Von Furstenberg Cork Tonda Clutch

Rihanna's Bags

Rihanna’s offbeat sense of style is pretty mesmerizing. The use of color in her wardrobe simply thrills you, just like this Diane Von Furstenberg Cork Tonda Clutch

6. Vliefer and Vandam Handcuffs Clutch

Rihanna's Bags

Now we wonder whether Rihanna is carrying a pair of handcuffs around in this Vliefer and Vandam Handcuffs Clutch. And even if she is, any guesses who they might be for?

7. Gucci Leather Backpack

Rihanna's Bags

Whoever said you mustn’t impose your feelings on your readers through your writing wasn’t looking at this bag. This Gucci Leather Backpack is the best thing your eyes can ever set sight on and when you do fall in love with, it is inevitable.

8. Fendi Zucca Backpack

Rihanna's Bags

When you’re wearing sweats, a back pack is the way to go. Rihanna seems to know that rule pretty well as you can see her sporting this cool Fendi Zucca Backpack with her grey sweats. Was that for a trip to the gym, Riri?

That was indeed an offbeat collection, wasn’t it? Now which one of these would you like to see in your wardrobe? Do let us know!

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