Rain Boots

Shoe Trend Spotlight: The Canny Rainboots

You don’t have to be a major fashionista to see past all of the fall’s enchanting colors, and start planning ahead for the rainy days that come along once the leaves start changing their colors. Protecting your beloved shoes from the soaking rain and above that, keeping your feet dry during the gloomy autumn days are two major concerns that usually end up cutting off the tremendous fun that lies in the simple acts of walking, jumping or running in the rain.

With a little inspiration and a lot of determination, all the major shoe brands managed to find a fashionable solution to all of our worries by transforming the ugly farmer boots into runway worthy rain gear. With each new season, the creative process reaches new heights that result in an array of stylish puddle jumpers meant to satisfy even the most pretentious tastes. The bright and bold colors, the fun prints, the elegant patterns and the most surprising little details successfully managed to change the way the fashion industry perceives the super-practical rainboots these days. Once the first rain drops hit the ground, the celebrities alongside the street-style trendsetters, love to take out the waterproof footwear and walk the streets untidily. Here’s the spotlight on the canny rainboots.

Rain Boots

There’s something about these ugly-pretty boots that instantly gets you thinking about how versatile and how wonderful they seem to match any fall outfit idea. From that point, getting to buying your own pair of rainboots it’s just a matter of time, and taste. Deciding on the ideal pair it’s not as easy as it initially may look like, so chances are you’ll probably end up with a puddle jumper collection in no time. The good thing is, you will get a lot of use out of it it during the fall season, winter, spring and even summer. It’s maybe safer to assume that the adorable wellies keep you from getting waterlogged all year round. That sounds perfect indeed !


Celebrities Love The Rainboots. Aside form being the perfect footwear to be worn on the muddy locations hosting the biggest music festivals around the world, the rainboots are also part of the everyday celebrity attire. Their off-duty outfits include the canny boots more often than one would expect, and if they happen to be worn even on the not-so-rainy days it means they hold more than meets the eye. Kate Bosworth, Rachel Bilson and Elizabeth Olsen are just a few of the big names that love sporting the comfortable boots across town. You should follow on their lead!


The Rainboots Take Over The Runways. While it’s true that the canny wellies were featured in the Dsquared’s Spring 2012 collection, they would look just as actual and modern if worn during fall and winter. Even the outfit inspiration coming straight from the runway screams high fashion in that relaxed mode that doesn’t require much pampering. For that ultimate fall alignment, team your favorite rainboots with a pair of complementary over-the-knee socks and a dainty hat.


A High Fashion Rainboots Affair. You know a pair of shoes became fashionable and right on trend, when a famous fashion house like Burberry Prorsum decides to introduce their own take on the practical footwear to their large audience. The campaign, starring supermodel Cara Delevingne re-enacts a rainy fall day, highlighting the must-have pair of rainboots and the imperative umbrella. Who knew looking stunning in the rain was even possible?


Street Style Rainboots. It wasn’t long before every aspiring fashionsita took on the chance to bring in the spotlight their own individual approach on the canny footwear. Throughout the last few seasons we had the opportunity to witness some exquisite looks featuring the most colorful pairs of rainboots. We’re even talking chic dresses, classic trench coats, pearl collars and comfy cardigans, making for the most wonderful combos with the puddle jumpers. And the daily dose of street-style inspiration featuring the rainboots is far from being over.

We’re curious to find out what’s your take on the canny rainboots, and what are your favorite ways of wearing them during fall and winter! Tell your part of the story and turn into a leading example!