Creepers Shoe Trend

Shoe Trend Spotlight: The Fun-tastic Creepers

The history of these fun looking shoes takes us all the way back into the late 1950s, as they were first introduced to the fashion world by the British subculture entitled Teddy Boy. The Teddy Boys Style favored the creepers alongside polished oxfords and chunky brogues, that also became very trendy throughout the past seasons. During every decade, the creepers made huge comebacks, starting from the glam rock years of the 1970s, all the way to the fabulous 2000s. These unusual shoes even managed to divide the fashion enthusiasts in two main categories: the half that religiously wears the creepers and totally owns the edgy style, and the other half that totally hates the trend and can’t wait for it to be over.

Creepers Shoe Trend

I personally never owned a pair of creepers because I’m aware they simply wouldn’t go with anything picked out of my current wardrobe, but then again what combinations don’t work these days? I actually started by hating this trend, but after witnessing so many wonderful girls and celebrities totally rocking these shoes, I think I find myself caught somewhere in the middle now. If I was to try the creepers on and manage to team them with a pair of high-waist jeans, a cropped top, ending up feeling totally cool and edgy all of the sudden, who’s to say I wouldn’t change my mind about them?

Rihanna - Creepers

Celebrities Love the Creepers. I wasn’t all that surprised when superstar Rihanna became one of the first celebrity fashionistas to sport the trend earlier this year. Due to her edgy, unconventional and eclectic style, the creepers seemed like the perfect puzzle piece missing from Riri’s wardrobe. She was photographed on various occasions wearing the chunky shoes, both on the streets and on stage, flaunting a carefree attitude that perfectly suits her style.

Jessie J Creepers

The Creepers Go Editorial. Huge pop sensation and X Factor judge Jessie J seems to also be one of the stars embracing the creepers trend this season. Aside from sporting her favorite pair of red chunky shoes on the red carpet, the singer wore a pair of T.U.K. creepers in the June issue of the Nylon Magazine, where she paired them with fitted pants, a cropped sweater and a denim vest. 1980s inspired picture perfect.

Chanel Cruise 2013 - Creepers

Chanel Cruise 2013 Featuring the Creepers. I absolutely did not see this one coming. When the big house of Chanel decided to give the creepers a warm welcoming gift by featuring them in their latest campaign for the Chanel Cruise 2013 collection, I finally understood that there must be more to these rubber-bottomed accessories than we are able to understand or appreciate. And maybe the chunky creepers do make a great team with the more classy and feminine outfits. I guess that’s what happens when the punk influences meet the supreme elegance of the Chanel numbers.

Street Style Creepers

Street Style Creep. I guess in the end, the street style fashionistas are the greatest ambassadors a pair of shoes could wish for. If you take a closer look to what’s hot right now in the biggest cities of the world, you’ll notice a number of great things happening and amongst them, you’ll notice the creepers everywhere. Whether we like it or not, they already became a huge part of the new glam rock fashion culture and who’s able to mess with the trends? I bet this is not the last we seem of them and I also believe next year, they will be just as successful.


Being available in a variety of colors, materials and exotic prints, this newest version of the flat form offers endless styling opportunities for grungy, rebel looks, as well as for polished and feminine ones. If you dare take a turn in your current fashion direction, the creepers will definitely help you make a statement. The transition will be comfortable and right on trend. All you have to do is decide whether you like the creepers or they’re simply not made for you.