The Loafers Trend

Shoe Trend Spotlight: The Pretty Loafers

Summer time is gone for good, sadly so are the warm sun and the high temperatures, meaning the strappy sandals and open-toe pumps days are officially over. The weather gets colder by day and we must figure out of new ways to keep our feet warm, comfortable but still en vogue. Heels and platforms may be the first things that pop into your mind, but let’s face it, they are not the most convenient. I’ll go ahead and admit that heels help quite a lot with any outfit, inserting that effortless chic vibe, but unless you’re driving a car all day long, they don’t represent the most reliable solution. Good thing a new shoe trend emerged just in time for fall, playing upon elegance, comfort and style. We’re of course talking about the pretty loafers that invaded the streets in a multitude of fabrics, prints and hues, looking beyond adorable and cozy. Don’t worry, they work just perfect with any outfit, complementing an array of styles ranging from preppy, classy, urban, chic, edgy, androgynous or even vintage. Here’s the spotlight on the lovely trend.

The Loafers Trend

After the super comfy pairs of ballet flats we wore time and time again during spring and summer, it’s time for something edgier for fall, but just as easy to slip-on and off, and maybe just as comfortable. This lace-less pair of flat shoes that we adore so much has its own piece of history. The loafers, other way known as slippers, first appeared in the mid-1930s in Norway, starting of as just a casual pair of shoes. In time, they gained enough success and popularity to be mixed in more elegant and sophisticated attires. Today we can take full advantage of them and wear the loafers from bright and early in the morning, all the way into the night. With endless styling possibilities lying ahead, it’s no wonder the cozy loafers took the fashion world by storm.


Celebrities Love The Loafers. Even the super glamorous stars love to step away from the heels from time to time, and walk relaxed in a modern pair of loafers. Celebrities like Alexa Chung are part of the reason loafers became such a huge hit across the world. The British star is a huge fan of the easy slippers, flaunting them with any given occasion. We’re talking out and about, red carpet events, plane flights, shopping trips, and other daily appointments. Poppy Delevingne and Kristen Stewart also sported the loafers on the city streets in two completely different styles. Poppy went for the feminine and romantic pair of Charlotte Olympia cat loafers in a powerful red hue, while Kristen kept her aesthetic alive with an edgy pair of silver studded slippers.


The Loafers Go To Work/School. The loafers perfectly match a classy, office-like outfit so maybe it’s time to invest in a great quality pair of black slippers to complement your entire work/school wardrobe this fall. They will save you a lot of energy during the mornings, and keep you warm and cozy throughout the day. Choose patent leather loafers for an extra touch of style, or go for fun prints and intricate tassels to make a louder statement. Pair them with sleek blazers and button down shirts, skinny pants and leggings, sleek ponytails and buns for an effortless effect.


Go Big Or Go Home. If you developed your style based on this same statement than black loafers are just not going to work for you. Luckily there are many more options out there, ready to satisfy your needs. If you love colorful outfits opt for bright hues on your loafers; if you are the print type of girl, a leopard pair of slippers is exactly what your shoe collection needs, and if your personal aesthetic is rather luxurious, you won’t go wrong with a gold patterned pair of loafers. The unique factor lies in the little details, so keep that in mind while searching for your favorite pair of loafers.

This flat-out chic trend is enough of a reason to embrace comfort and elegance for fall. It speaks for itself in manners of versatility and styling possibilities, so it doesn’t need much of an argument to convince you to try it out. Walk the streets in style this season and don’t miss on the cozy trend.