Shoe Trends 2014 – Footwear Trends to Watch for in 2014

Many of the shoe trends for 2014 below began or blossomed in 2013, but in the coming year they’ll continue to be the focus of footwear trends in 2014,  from high street to high end. Interestingly some are throwback styles while others push toward futuristic fashion. In any case these are the shoes you should hang onto (or start shopping for!) when you do your year-end closet purges.

1. Gladiator Boots

The gladiator sandal certainly isn’t new to the style scene, but this year they are especially popular. Designers seem particularly focused on tall gladiator boots, with emphasis on lots of laces or buckles.

gladiator boots 2014

2. Midi Court Shoes

A small to medium height heel keeps the ladylike lines while keeping you from tottering too much in your shoes. A good basic black pair can be worn with a range of outfits, from casual weekends to cocktail hour.

court shoes trends and styles

3. Ankle Boots

Whether the price is high or low boots in 2013 are most popular at the ankle length. From there the details run the gamut, including the much loved animal prints, multiple buckles, and Chelsea boots.

ankle boot trends 2014

4. See Thru Shoe Trends

The see-thru trend has manifested in a variety of ways this year. From shoes that use transparent materials or by using cut outs in the shoe design. The most popular version of this style uses clear vinyl to create parts of the shoe, while giving a nude look.

seethru shoe trends 2014

5. Floral Printed Shoe Trends

Springtime is a perennial favorite for floral prints, but in 2013 the trend sees blooms found all through the years. From trainers to stiletto pumps, heavy flora is so common it’s almost a neutral.


floral shoe trends

6: Wedges

There’s no question that high heels are tops when you want to make your silhouette sleeker, chicer, and sexier. However, walking in our favorite footwear is a delicate matter when you need to spend time on your feet. That’s where the beauty of wedges comes in to lend a hand. The fashion fad lets you keep the benefits of high heels, while adding some stability to your walk.

Wedges are so big at the moment that you can get practically any footwear category in a wedge. From simple pumps to embellished booties, there are options to suit any style. Even trainers have been given the wedge treatment, especially after the enormous impact made by Isabel Marant’s “Bekett” sneaker. A wedge trainer lets you be casual – even sporty – and still get that helpful height boost.

In combination with platforms – another on trend shoe style – wedge can add 6+ inches to your form. It’s an ideal trick, worn with long, wide width pants are jeans you might actually fool people into thinking you’re supermodel tall. Yet when the wedge are beautifully printed or intricately embroidered, cropped pants are a skirt are in order to show off the focus-drawing designs.

Whether you’re dressing for a work day at the office or some downtime on the weekend, there’s a wedge to suit your style needs.

7: Stilettos

Shoe styles come and go, and right now footwear designers are leaning more toward block and chunky heels. Despite the trend, one can always find a good selection of the classic stiletto heel.

A stiletto is a shoe whose heel is long and tapering. Another definition for the word ‘stiletto’ is “a short tapered dagger.” Likewise, the stiletto shoe lends a sharp edge to the look of the wearer. While a stiletto heel is most commonly found in pumps, they’re also found on sandals and boots.

The stiletto could be counted by some as being too risque for a professional setting, but in the right make it works just fine. To avoid the risk of being too sexy, choose a mate finish (i.e. low shine leather instead of patent) in an understated color. Also make sure to choose a closed toe and avoid embellishments. Follow these rules and your stilettos can be appropriate for most any office.

If, on the other hand, you want to create some heat with your shoe choice you can’t go wrong with a stiletto sandal. Barely there strappy sandals will be perennial hit to pair with warm weather wardrobes. But even in the fall, stilettos sandal styles allow you to place up the sex appeal cut outs that show a little toe or open at the heel.


8: Boots

In recent years boots have stepped out of the shadows of winter and into the spotlight for all seasons. Variations in fabrication and structure have now made boots suitable even when it’s warm and sunny.

One of the top trends in fashion is biker wear. This goes from jackets to pants, and definitely extends to shoes. Biker-influenced boots often have extra zippers and multiple hardware-laden straps. To go along with this tough look new boots sport a lug sole – a thick rubber sole with heavy tread.

A good example of a heavy-treaded style is the classic Doc Martens. The resurgent popularity of the brand goes in tandem with the return of ‘90s style. Docs are the best known combat boot, but these days the styles range from floral to high-shine candy apple red – a lot less combat, a lot more couture.

The most popular boot styles of the moment are on the short side – from ankle booties to cropped styles, the preference is for an abbreviated height. On the other hand, over the knee  boots are on the rise – weighing in on the opposite side of the height scale.

Other boot trends to try include the ever-present lace ups, the new wedge, and styles made from, or embellished with fur or pony hair.

Boots 2014

9: Court Shoes

Court shoes are officially defined as being a low-cut shoe with no laces or straps, and often of medium height. That leaves a good deal of room for interpretation and, in fact, in some dictionaries the term is interchangeable for the plain ‘pump.” In current fashion, however, the court shoe has a well defined look to it that’s become a staple is the current fashion canon.

To get the most basic court shoe look, shop for a solid color, a pointed toe, and a midi heel. Midis are higher than kitten heels, shorter that the modern high heel. A stiletto heel shape is the most classic and solidifies the ladylike lines of the pointed toe. Especially if you choose a neutral shade, this is a style that you’ll get tons of use from, as it’s appropriate for the office, date nights, and weekend outings alike

For the more adventurous, try some variations on the trend that include beaded embellishments, cut-outs and mesh panels, block heels and ankle straps. Wise shoppers stick to high street brands for the trendier options, while saving the high dollar purchases for more classic styles that will be welcome in your wardrobe for years to come. After all, you can’t go wrong with a quality, if basic, black pump.


10: Loafers

Styles that are “stolen from the boys” are playing large in the wardrobe of the modern fashionista. In it’s most accessible form, this menswear for women trend can be found among footwear fads. Beside the very popular oxford shoe, loafers have made a big comeback, providing slip on options for every occasion.

Though the idea of loafers might at first connote a conservative style, it’s actually one of the most dynamic footwear trends around. This means ultra classic styles suddenly look like a trendy addition to a plain jeans & t-shirt outfit. Truly, the basic loafer is the new ballet slipper – that is, it’s the new go to flat to wear from day to night.

A twist on a classic brown or black loafer is to add an extreme platform (or flatform). This instantly transforms the style from preppy school girl to punky fashion follower. Other variations include on trend fabrications, like pony hair, colored suede, and floral prints.

From slide on flats to slip in heels, loafers offer the chic lines of menswear with the variety and fun of womenswear styles.


11: Neon

The world of fashion and design is currently having fond memories of the decade that was the 1990s. Accordingly, trends from 20 years ago are big in contemporary style. One of these throwback trends is the resurgence of the neon color palette. Not that neons ever went away, but for a time they were relegated to the realm of kids clothes and safety gear. At the moment, though, they are seen amongst the trappings of the highest fashion in the world.

Footwear reflects the trend in it’s comprehensive reach. One might expect the intense brightness of neon yellow in athletic footwear, but such dayglow hues are also available in everything from loafers to lace-up boots.

For those not ready to go full tilt on the color wheel, there are shoe styles that incorporate just a touch of neon in the sole of the shoe, in the laces, or in piping detail. Flat loafers in a neutral shade, with neon tassels is a good way to sneak some wild style into a more corporate look.

Speaking of wild, a common combo in the shoe game is leopard print accented with a little (or a lot) of neon pink. From teens in basketball shoes to socialites in high-dollar heels, a spot of neon marks the step of the modern stylista.

12: Peep Toe

What’s the easiest way to turn a plain pump into a sexy shoe? Give it a little peep. That is, make it a peep-toe – the girly footwear style that gives the world a little peek at the skin you’re standing in.

Peep toe shoes add just a touch of says to an otherwise staid shoe style. They make for the perfect transition shoe – adding a vent of air to an otherwise closed show, or providing a warmer-than-sandals option for outfits that require just a bit of wiggle room. It may seem counter-intuitive, but even boots can be found among the peep toe varieties.

This is a case in which fashion is definitely trumping function, as you’ll probably not want to wear your toes out in the dead of winter weather. The same be said, however, for stiletto heels, suede fabric, and a number of other footwear trends that you see represented in boots. What makes sense for a peep toe boot? How about a mini skirt on a crisp fall day, or a short set in the sunny springtime.

Peep toe flats are a good option for spring and summer when you need more coverage than a strappy sandal, but still want to get the cooling benefit of air circulation around your toes.