Shoe Trends 2013

Shoe Trends for 2013: Creative, Colorful, Convenient & more

Shoes are important accessories that ‘finish’ off your overall look perfectly. Hence fashion trend watchers world over pay as much attention to the shoe trends every season as they would to the apparel trends. Being dressed in the most stylish outfit, but wearing shoes that are oh-so-last-season just won’t do.

Major fashion labels therefore unveil their footwear collections, offering a preview to the likely shoe trends in the forthcoming seasons. For 2013, both the winter and spring/summer 2013 shoe trends for men and women have been revealed. As always, the trends are a mixed bag. Some trends have been carried over from previous seasons. Some long forgotten trends have made a come back. And mostly several interesting shoe trends have been revealed for 2013. Designers pushing the limits of creativity have given us some amazing and surprising (some might say shocking) shoe trends this year.

This article is a round up of some of the most interesting shoe trends for both men and women in 2013.

Some Interesting Shoe Trends for 2013

1.  Reptile Skin Shoes for Women in 2013

Several prominent designers like Kenzo, Gucci and Derek Lam showcased reptile skin shoes for spring summer 2013. Now that is definitely interesting and somehow reminds me of the house of Slytherins in the Harry Potter series. SSSizzle in these sssytlish shoes as reptile skin footwear is available in trendy colorful designs and patterns. All the looks are high heeled, and you can opt for a closed toe or open design. The presence of straps across the foot that reveal bits of skin adds more glamour to the look. Don’t you think so?

Shoe Trends 2013

2.  Lace-Up Boots for Men 2013

Lace up boots for men are very trendy for winter 2013, meaning right now. Clearly, for men’s look in 2013, physical adventurism is important and next to owning a rugged all terrain SUV, nothing reveals your adventurous side more clearly than a pair of lace-up hiking books. (Well, what is interesting is that you don’t have to actually hike if you don’t want to, but wearing the boots does make a killer impression on the ladies). Pitti Uomo showcased some serious looking lace up boots and revealed that the best way to wear them is with the pants tucked in, showing a glimpse of your socks.  And wind the lace around and tie them up in the front to further stylize the look.

Shoe Trends 2013

The detailing on these boots is diverse and includes zippers. Go on, unleash your adventurous side with these boots. The practicality of these shoes is sure to keep them trendy right through the year (and perhaps) next year too. So lace up boots are definitely a wise investment to make.

3. Artistic Shoes for Women 2013

Art is no longer restricted to canvas alone. In fact, Dolce and Gabbana has converted your shoe into the canvas. For spring summer 2013, the fashion house showcased some amazing artistic shoe patterns with images actually painted on them. You just can’t resist falling in love with these shoes.


Another stand out piece from this collection had a medieval knight, whose shining armor turns out be your shoe. Here check it out.

Shoe Trends 2013

4.  All White Shoe Trends for Men 2013

Shoes for men have been traditionally browns, blacks and greys. The trend for colorful causal men’s footwear is also not uncommon. This year, in addition to these staples, Gucci presented an all white look for men’s shoes in their spring summer 2013 collection at the Milan Fashion Week. The white shoes were flat and Gucci combined the look with a variety of formal and informal ensembles. Which of these looks do you like the best?


An interesting thing to note, Gucci has done away with socks. Well, that’s great. One less item to stress over in the early morning hustle of getting to work. Isn’t that so?

5. Double Decker Heel Boot Trends for Women 2013

Sure that is a weird sounding name. But once you actually see the design, you will find that the name is indeed apt. Crafted by Italian fashion giant Prada, these are amongst the most creatively designed footwear trends seen this entire season. Feast your eyes.

Shoe Trends 2013

There are just so many elements in these boots that demand attention, the slivery boot structure fastened with zippers, the strappy elements around the feet,  the floral decorations on heels in two layers and of course the innovative sandwich layer.  Don’t you think this is a masterpiece?

6. Shoes with Soles for Men in 2013

Those of you who are always complaining that fashion is impractical had better eat you words. For, shoes in winter 2013 come equipped with rubberized high grip soles to provide you much needed traction on snow and ice. Several design majors like Armani, Dsquared2 and others have embraced this trend.

Shoe Trends 2013

 7. Men’s Style Shoes for Women in 2013

We have often seen the androgynous look in outfit trends for women on the runways. Now interestingly, this trend comes to shoes. Wonder what the designers were thinking. Victoria Beckham, Phillip Lim and Giorgio Armani showcased men’s style shoes for women in their 2013 collection. I am a little unsure about this trend. But then I like women’s footwear to be feminine and sexy? What about you? Would you don men’s style shoes?

Shoe Trends 2013

Indeed, several interesting trends have emerged for shoes for both men and women in 2013. But on the whole, it appears that women’s shoes are more creative and colorful, while men’s shoes seem more practical and restrained (in terms of colors).

That is not to say, they (men’s shoes) are not stylish. Understated elegance is what these shoes confer and the impact of understated elegance cannot be over emphasized.

Ladies, you on the other hand, have the pick of some of the most creative and stylish shoe design trends seen in a long time. What are you going to choose? Is your shoe going to be the canvas for artistic designs? Or you want to stand really tall in double decker heels? Do tell us in the comments. We are most interested to know.