Shoes Trends 2013 – Avoid Footwear Fashion Blunders

It is a classic fashion mistake even the seasoned fashionistas are guilty of. They put together a carefully chosen and stunningly stylish ensemble, which obviously follows the latest fashion trends. But get careless when it comes to the footwear.

This fashion faux-pas can cost you dear and dilute the entire effect. Don’t make this mistake. Be aware of the shoes trends 2013. And if you are making a conscious effort to be fashionable and follow the latest trends, you might as well do it comprehensively. With shoes that are “so last year’s”, people will only talk about that and no one will even notice your dress that is perhaps the high point of the season. You don’t want that.

So ladies and gentlemen, sit back and take notes as we present to you the shoes trends 2013 to wear and walk in style. And just for you we are covering the trends season wise, so you are all set for the entire year.

1. Shoes Trends Winter 2013

With 2013 just days away and considering that we are in winter, the shoes trends winter 2013 are what you should be following right now.

Both men and women can look forward to covered boots as the fashionable (and practical) trend for footwear in winter 2013.

Women’s shoes collection for winter 2013 was particularly dominated by wooden accents. Replacing cork seen abundantly in 2012 collections, shoes trends 2013 incorporated wood in the heels or the sole. Complementing the dark hued shoes, the lighter wooden accents provided an elegant contrast. Like this.

Shoes Trends 2013

Designers like Dolce & Gabbana and Nina Ricci added few embellishments to their 2013 winter shoe collections to enhance the overall look and appeal of the footwear.

winter shoe trends 2013

Winter 2013 shoes trends for men were a wee bit disappointing as there was nothing new and innovative that came forth on the ramps. Designers stuck to the tried and tested winter shoe trends such as high boots, fur accents, suede material, etc. Even the colors for winter 2013 shoes for men remain traditional – browns and blacks.

So the good news is that you are all set to be fashionable and stylish in winter 2013, at least for this trend. Because it is essentially a repetition of what you already have on your shoe shelf. Yippee for that!

 Shoes Trends 2013


2. Shoes Trends Spring 2013

With spring just a few months away, aren’t you eager to know what the shoes trends spring 2013 are? As always, shoes in spring are colorful and bright, reflecting the season itself. Spring shoes for women in 2013 will include metallic accents, bright colors and brighter prints. Color blocking that is a big trend for women’s apparel in 2013 has also found its way into women’s shoes trends spring 2013. Printed shoes are cool for women in Spring 2013:

spring Shoe Trends 2013

Below is another creative shoe trend spring 2013 – combination of bold prints with metallic accents. You will surely look like the personification of spring with these shoes.

printed metallic accents shoe trends 2013

And boys, please don’t be disappointed because spring 2013 shoe trends are bursting out in colors for you too. Runways in the Spring 2013 fashion shows saw a preponderance of colors as never seen before. Take your pick guys.

Mens Shoe Trends 2013


3. Shoes Trends Summer 2013

For women, the shoes trends summer 2013 will be a continuation of the spring trends. The focus is on pointed toes, really high heels and different kinds of decoration of the shoes. These decorations range from colorful embroidery, delicate lace work and intricate mesh. Is it a wonder that women are accused of loving their shoes more than anything else? Who wouldn’t fall in love with these darlings? Take a look at the embroidered elegance for summer 2013:

shoe trends 2013 embroidered shoes

Lovely lace is a big shoe trend in summer 2013. Take a look at the shoes below:

lace Shoe Trends 2013

Are you mesmerized by the mesh? Here are mesmerizing mesh shoes for your feet:

mesh shoe trends 2013

Laced up shoes are a big trend for summer 2013 shoes for men.  Crafted from the finest leather and in the subtlest of tones or bright printed variants or adorned with embellishments, the choices are endless this summer for all you fashionable men out there.

leather shoe trends 2013

4. Shoes Trends Fall 2013

Fall 2013 is really far away from now. But you know time has a way of passing too quickly (particularly when you are busy receiving compliments for your stylish looks, wink, wink) and before you know it you will be in July 2013, wondering whether the shoe trends have changed for fall 2013.

So here is a look at the trend forecast for shoes trends fall 2013 for men and women.

To say that shoes trends fall 2013 for women are stylish would be an understatement. Kind of like describing Noah’s flood like a drizzle. Over the  knees boots and multi-colored velvet shoes will have you thanking the powers that be that you are a woman and can thus experience and feel such beautiful creations first hand. Seriously, I am not exaggerating, take a look.

Fall Shoe Trends 2013fall 2013 shoe trends

For men in fall 2013, the shoe trends cover both formal and casual footwear. Formal footwear gets stylish and sophisticated with not so subtle decorative influences. And when it comes to casual footwear, there is color everywhere. Gym shoes and sneakers are colorful bold, and patterned in fall 2013.

runnner Shoe Trends 2013

You can hit the gym with confidence in these shoes. My suggestion would be to start the gym/workout process right now so that you can show off that hot body with these hot shoes to make a hotter impact when fall 2013 eventually comes along. Great idea? What do you think?

Now I have ‘walked’ you through the shoes trends 2013. The good news is some of these are recurring trends and perhaps, you don’t need to invest in buying new shoes then. But then some of these are not very affordable trends. If you are financially capable of stocking up on all the latest shoe trends, that’s wonderful. If not, my suggestion would be to carefully look over the shoes trends 2013 and invest in pieces that are going to remain fashionable all through 2013.

This article should help you identify those pieces easily. And if your interested in seeing more then check out our designer shoe trends.

Robert Frost said “You have miles to go before you sleep” And I say you should walk all those miles in style with the latest shoes trends 2013.

Keep walking….