Shorts Trends 2012 – The Long and “Short” of It

Perk up and hit the nearest gym to tone down your cellulite quotient to the best of your abilities. Spring/summer 2012 fashion collection is here with a great variety in shorts trends and we are sure you will find each type irresistible! The trend was here last season as well, however the variety in patterns this time of the year is unanticipated.

1)     Wide Shorts

Wider shorts are in vogue this season. Be it knee-length or even a little above or below your knees, the casual look with this type of shorts is perfect for this season, thereby making them the most desirable casual shorts.

 wide shorts

 Wide Shorts Trends

 2)     Pink Shorts-suits

This trend might not be an instant favorite with everyone, but for all of you with a penchant for the pink colour and its variants, this trend is quite wearable. Carry off this leggy but office-apt attire with all your confidence and femininity at its best. It’s a versatile formal wear because of the blazer included. You can even choose to wear the shorts and the blazer individually and get two new cute outfits for your wardrobe! We would call this one a smart sense of dressing and a completely chic one at that!


 Pink Shorts Suits

 3)     Hotpants

The ever-favorite among the extremely voguish clan! Hot-pants are here this season as a hot choice with the designers as well. Seen in several color choices and styles, they will let your legs do the talking this summer! You will come across these sensational shorts trends in jeans, perforated material and even leather. It comes as both low and high-waist, or with both wide and fitting looks.


   Hotpants Trends

4)     Leather Shorts

A must-own for every fashion fanatic! A pair of leather shorts is inevitable for a completely trendy wardrobe this spring/summer 2012. This extremely urban trend for all the chic women is here to last for at least two more fashion seasons. Leather shorts trends are no longer only a teenager’s prerogative; there are woman-friendly designs and patterns as well available this season. Make sure, it doesn’t turn out looking tacky by pairing it with appropriate tops, non-flashy ones. Leather shorts go very well with a loose fitting top, in more natural colors, and high heels. Don’t let leather shorts be too short or taut for your frame. Don this look to add a rebellious appeal to your personality. Designers recommend classic black leather shorts as an ideal vacation-piece of clothing, despite where you’re heading for.

leather short trends

  Leather Shorts

 5)     Embellished High-Waist shorts

Get ready for oodles of glitz and glam this summer with this embellished look. Just the thing you must wear at the party just round the corner! With glamorous top and stylish footwear, these shorts will definitely be an object of envy for the most out there.


Embellished High-waist shorts

 6)     Shorts With Blazers

Apart from the pink version, shorts are in vogue as a part of formal attire with a blazer this spring and summer season.  The diverse patterns and usage of different materials in this blazer-shorts outfit generates a lot of interest and imparts a unique look to the wearer. Break-free from your mundane office apparel and get noticed with this superb, stylish addition to your closet this season.

Shorts with Blazers

Shorts with Blazers

 7)      Denim Shorts

Denim shorts are always trendy and this season too they are everywhere due to their perfect casual look and the comfort they offer. You will never get jaded of this chic look and it will serve as a perfect dressing for an errand that you have to run or while you bask in the sun on the beach.

denim shorts

Denim Shorts

 These Levishi-stretch denim shorts are an ideal getaway comfort wear. They look extremely simple yet fashionable with the light-colored top and brown faux leather boots.

8)     Dressy Shorts

When shorts are made in dressy materials, usually in heavy cotton, silk, twill with a gloss effect, or tweed, they are called dressy shorts. A graceful and cool look comes easy with dressy shorts; provided the length, fit and texture are perfect. They flatter your femininity with their length just above the knee or hitting the mid-thigh portion.

 Dressy shorts

Dressy Shorts

 9)     Casual Shorts

Just right for that unruffled and unfussy look this hot summer, casual shorts have hit the runways and the markets with a huge collection.

Casual Shorts

Casual Shorts

 For shorter shorts, ballet flats or glimmering flat sandals will work the best. Espadrilles and wedges will look great too if you want to add a little length to your frame. You take the call, bearing in mind the proportions. Heels can be worn, but go for only chic ones; however very slim heels are a strict no with shorts.

Go for the shorts of your type and collect a multitude of shorts this season, with a mind-blowing variety available for various moods and occasions. Just flaunt your relaxed attitude and make it “short” and simple!