Six Sexy, Hot Shot Shorts Trends for Spring Summer 2013

Summer is the time for sun, surf and…(can you guess? Starts with an ‘s’)… shorts. After the covered up look forced by winter, it is time for some ‘cool’ clothes that expose your skin to the much loved sun. And nothing can be cooler than shorts, quite literally.

Spring summer 2013 runways were inundated with shorts. Designers put on their creative caps and showcased shorts trends that covered the entire spectrum from sophisticated and stylish to cool and casual.

Spring Summer 2013 Shorts Trends

1. Casual Bermuda Shorts Trends 2013

Nothing like Bermuda shorts for creating a perfectly casual look. You go on your vacation and come back and put on your Bermuda shorts and slip back into vacation mode again. Several big fashion names like DKNY presented this trend on the ramps. Bermuda shorts trends included printed shorts as well as solid colors and of course denim Bermuda shorts, which have a classic and timeless style appeal.

Short Trends 2013

2. Black Shorts Trends Summer 2013

If you think shorts cannot look elegant, you have a surprise in store. Donatella Versace presented black shorts as part of the Spring Summer 2013 collection that looked elegant and classy. The effect was perhaps due to the extremely short length of the shorts and further enhanced by teaming up the shorts with dark hued shimmery jackets. Delicate black footwear completed the look.

Short Trends 2013

Don’t you now agree shorts can be elegant?

3. Formal Shorts Trends Summer 2013

Yes, strange, isn’t it that shorts and formals are being used together in the same sentence. Well that is the power of fashion. All it requires is a creative mind to visualize a design and traditional perceptions about an outfit can be turned around completely.

In 2013, you can walk into office wearing your most professional suits, combined with shorts and not trousers or skirts. ‘Shorts suits’ as formal wear were a recurring trend on the Spring Summer 2013 runways. Michael Kors, Helmut Lang and Tory Burch showcased this trend in delightful ways. Kors stuck to professional pin-stripe design, while Burch went all floral to create a professional look. Lang’s beige shorts suit was semi-formal, with a splash of bright yellow to brighten things up.


Would you wear shorts suits to work?

4.  Shiny Shorts Trends 2013

Along with style and sophistication, it is time to add some shine and shimmer to your shorts in summer 2013. The Emporio Armani Spring Summer 2013 models donned shiny shorts in bright shades of gold. Combined with a matching sleeveless vest like blouse, the contrast in the ensemble was provided by a sash in a dark shade tied casually around the waist. Perhaps not the right look for work or for grocery shopping. But when you want to hit the nightclub on the weekend, nothing would be better suited. Don’t you agree?



5. Mini Shorts Trends for Men in Summer 2013

Boys, it is time to show off your legs. The (very) short mini shorts trends for men are very popular in summer 2013. While knee length shorts were ‘in’ last summer, the mid thigh length is fashionable now. You can choose brightly colored printed mini shorts or you can go for plain solid colors like blacks and browns.

Short Trends 2013

6. All White Shorts Trends for Summer 2013

For their Spring Summer 2013 menswear collection Giorgio Armani presented all white shorts look. Combined with white suits, these knee length shorts created a formal and causal look at the same time. That’s a weird sentence. But honestly, that’s how the look was. Here see for yourself.

Short Trends 2013


So ladies and gentlemen, have some fun in the sun with your fashionable shorts in summer 2013.