Six Best Eye Makeup Trends of 2012

Eyes are the most dramatic feature of your face. Eye makeup gives you a more confident and enhanced look. So, it’s time we get this look right!

Best eye makeup trends of 2012

  1. Bright coloured eye makeup

Renowned make-up artists from across the world are experimenting with vibrant colours for eye makeup. This look is striking and will make you look glamorous in a matter of minutes. If you have hazel eyes, bright coloured eye makeup is absolutely perfect for you.

But girls, remember to doll up this look only you are attending a party or an event in the night. Bright coloured eyes make you look vibrant. This makeup is sure to up your glam quotient for an evening party and also allows you to experiment with designs.

 Green eyed beauties can also opt for this look. To add sex appeal to this look play around with a dab of yellow on your eyes. Girls, just carry the right attitude and you will be the sexiest person on the floor. Experiment with a bright colour such as orange or turquoise on your upper lid but make sure the rest of your face is sobered to balance the entire look.

2.     Pastel eye makeup

Vogue, Cosmopolitan and all the other biggie mags this season are talking about this new trend. The pastel eye makeup is not only hot but gives your face a summery and natural look. Play around with the pastel summer shades for all your day events.

 I would recommend this look for a lunch date or maybe when you are simply catching up for a movie. This season be colourful and vibrant. It adds warmth to your face and attracts attention to your facial expressions. Depending on the occasion play around with the colours with a light or heavy touch. However for day I would recommend you to go subtle and light.

3.     Smokey eyes

This look is here to stay for a really long time. It was really big in 2011 and is set get bigger in 2012. This look requires shades of blacks, browns and even copper.

It is a little difficult to blend these colours and create a smokey effect, once you master this art it is only a matter of few minutes for that phenomenal transformation from the girl next door to the gorgeous diva that you really are.  So, go sexy my girls!

 4.     Cat eyes

Cat eyes have been another instant hit on the run ways after the smokey eyes. Once you start experimenting with the most enhanced feature of your face- your eyes, you don’t need to need to worry much about your other facial make up. Make your face look awesome by using your eye liner creatively.


 But girls remember while expenting these lines you have to go upwards and not downwards. Extend them as much as you like, long or short is totally up to you! For a traditional look, stick to black. And if you want to go vivid, just like I would prefer it, use different colours. The markets are stacked with eyeliners in varying colours! Try this look and I promise you won’t regret.


 5.     Metallic eyes

Glam queens like Angelina Jolie and Victoria Beckham are rocking the fashion world with this look. Red carpet events have these beauties ravishing in their beautifully decorated metallic eyes. If you have big eyes and don’t fear experimenting, this look is the ultimate for you.

To get started with this sexy look, cover your entire lid with an eye shadow which is a shade lighter than the colour you will play around with. The next step would be to use a darker and sexy shade of a metallic eye shadow, preferably copper, bronze, gold or silver. Crease this shade at the end of your eyes moving upwards. Sounds sexy, doesn’t it? Just imagine how sexy it will make you look. Your guy for the night is surely not losing eye contact with you that night.

 6.     Shades of purple and blues

Love the blue coloured sea, don’t you? Deep blues and purples are in vogue this year. Sky blue, turquoise, sea blue, lilac, lavender, bright purple and neon purple are in great demand this season. I would recommend using two shades of blue or purple and play around with them.


 Girls, it really doesn’t matter if you are hazel eyed, blue eyed or green eyed whether you have small eyes, doe eyes or big eyes. You simply need to let yourself free and experiment with your eye makeup this season. Carrying yourself with style and confidence is the biggest fashion statement. If you get this right there is no looking back!

So, go glam up and let your eyes speak!