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Six Celebrity Hairstyles Gone Awfully Wrong

Celebrities are society’s unintentional trend setters. While some do put in a lot of effort behind what they wear, some manage to effortlessly faulter. Some go wrong with outfit colours, some go wrong with patterns and some go wrong with combinations. And some celebrities faulter with the worst ever area to faulter – hairstyles.

A host of celebrities have managed to go wrong with their hairstyles. While we may sit back and have a good laugh at some of these and wonder what they were thinking, we should also caution ourselves to never, I repeat NEVER try these at home. Sit back and have a good laugh and enjoy!

1. Katy Perry

Seems like Katy forgot to wear sun block and to avoid sun exposure, she decided to fashion a hat out of her hair. Don’t even get us started on the hair colour she went with. It will take you just one look to realize that this hair do is a complete no-no!

2. Lady Gaga

Fashion’s problem child Lady Gaga manages to surprise (and shock) us each and every time with her show of clothes and trends that no human could ever imagine (besides herself of course). It appears that Lady Gaga wanted the height of her shoe heels and her hairstyle to compete with each other in a race for who is the tallest. And it goes without saying that she went wrong with the colour too.

3. Christina Aguilera

A scalp show is a no-no. And Christina’s scalp show certainly looks like a slither of snakes trying to get to her face and attack her while making their way through her scalp. This is no way to go Christina.

4. Elizabeth Banks

Would you like to play the guessing game with us and try to figure out what’s wrong with Elizabeth Banks? Well, we’re guessing that Ms. Banks suffered an electric shock that was mild enough for her to smile proudly but unfortunate enough for her hair to be jutting out from every direction.

5. Paris Hilton

Dear Paris, we do agree that the “out of bed” look is in vogue these days, but that’s not a style to be taken literally. You have to put some effort into brushing a few strands here and there. It does not work if you walk out of bed as soon as you wake up. And since we are in conversation, we might as well remind you that the pink t-shirt doesn’t help.

6. Miley Cyrus

Oh My God Miley! Have mice been at your hair? Well we hope not even though it does seem like it. Miley Cyrus lovers do not, I repeat do not go for this look, unless you want to be made fun of.

Aren’t we grateful to technology? Do you wonder why we say so? Well if it wasn’t for this network here, you wouldn’t be reading this article and familiarizing yourself with celebrity hairstyles you shouldn’t follow.

We probably hope you weren’t even planning on trying these, but if you were, we have saved you a great deal of mockery.

Stay stylish, be stylish and look into the mirror before you step out of your home.