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Six Ways to Incorporate Leather Stylishly into Your Winter Wardrobe

Leather has always been an integral part of winter fashion.

As a material, leather lends a luxurious look. And the advantage with leather is its extreme versatility. Leather can be part of a variety of apparels like jackets, coats and dresses. Or you can incorporate leather into a range of accessories like hats, belts, gloves and bags.

Thus the leather trend is an easy one to follow because it gives you many options.

So What are the Leather Trends and Options for Fall/Winter 2012-2013?

As various fall winter 2012-13 shows have drawn to a close, it is clear that leather is a dominant trend this season too. We have seen a plethora of leather trends in various forms and colors and styles on the ramps. And we bring to you

Six Ways You Can Incorporate the Latest Leather Trends into Your Winter Wardrobe

  1. Classic Black Rules

You can never go wrong with a black outfit and this is true for leather trends too in fall/winter 2012-13. Your favorite black leather jacket is good enough to make a style statement this year, as it was a hot trend on the ramps.

Black leather jackets can make you a fashionista this winter

 Black leather was also seen in the form of dresses, skirts, coats and suits.


  1. Game for a Dash of Color in Your Leather?

Moving away from black, we also saw an unprecedented explosion of colors in leather this winter. The colors ranged from darker shades like brown, blue and maroon to some really creative and unexpected shades like violet.

Brighten your wardrobe with colorful leather outfits


  1. Metallic Leather Trends

A unique leather trend seen this year, this is leather combined with a visible shine. The metallic leather trends were seen on pants, jackets and dresses. Do you think you can carry it off?

Shiny leather


  1. Gothic Leather Trends

The gothic look is a very popular trend for fall/winter 2012-13. And no other material complements the Gothic look more perfectly than leather and particularly black leather.  So if you are a Gothic fan,  it is a fashion advantage for you as you get to combine two most happening trends together in one look like this.

Perfect partners – gothic look and leather


Leather Accessory Trends Fall Winter 2012-13

As we said earlier, you can incorporate leather into your overall ensemble by using the right accessories too. If you are not comfortable wearing leather for a variety of reasons, it does not mean that you have to forgo this trend. You can achieve an equally chic and sophisticated look with these leather accessories.

Here is look at the trendiest leather accessories for fall/winter 2012-13.

Leather Gloves

Gloves have been an important fashion trend in winter for most seasons due to their functional value. This season, the runway was dominated by long gloves in various materials and the most distinctive amongst them was leather.

Though colors and patterns were available in other materials, the leather gloves remained predominantly black.

  1. Leather Belts

The belted look is back in a big way for fall/winter 2012-13 and the focus (unfortunately for some of us including yours truly) is back on the waist. Show off your hour glass figure by complementing your outfit with a stylish leather belt. The belt is sure to sky rocket the glam quotient of your overall look.


  1. Leather Bags

One of the easiest ways to incorporate leather into your look is with leather bags. And fortunately for you, leather bags are a major trend in fall/winter 2012-13. A variety of styles and colors are available that will truly make you stand out.

Create an impact with leather bags.

 So ladies, these are various ways in which you can incorporate the season’s hottest trend- leather into your look. So which one did you like the best and which one are you planning to go with? Do share with us in the comments and don’t forget to tell us all about your ‘leather look’.