Skater Dresses: Staple of Spring/Summer 2012

You simply cannot say you’ve explored all fashionable trends this year until and unless you really try them all. Having said that, let’s indulge in an exquisite style of dressing with skater dresses! Haven’t you always adored the way participants in skating competitions and shows perform in lovely outfits? Skater dresses are based on those lines and are currently available everywhere. Superstars wear them. And various takes of this particular dress have won many hearts in fashion shows. So, welcome the re-surfacing of skater dresses that originated during the ‘80s.

orange skater dress

Grace any occasion with skater dresses available in a wide array of colors and styles! You must be wondering “Why go for them?”. These may appear simple but once worn, the look achieved is outstanding! Such dresses undoubtedly look flattering on every body shape, courtesy the elegant fit it offers. Your sensual side is bound to be dominant with figure enhancing fit around the waist and the fullness the all round circle skirt provides. Another reason to consider this is the daintiness it possesses. Invest in a stunning skater dress, flaunt your femininity and people are surely going to notice you.

 lace skater dress

Let’s check out all the different styles these dresses are available in from the ones in stores like ASOS, Forever 21, Dorothy Perkins and more. So, read on. Recently, skater dresses have made headlines with the following: sleeveless style, Skater dresses that end just above the knee or at mid thigh level, lace to nylon ones and even the very short skater dresses.

Skater dress is also known as ‘Fit and flare’ dress owing to its characteristic outline – it is finely fitted on the upper half, nipped in along the waist and slightly bouncy in the skirt portion. Basically, reflective of a desirable hour glass contour. Fashion forward stars like Zooey Deshanel and Kim Kardashian have a good sense of style and have many a time relied on the charm of a skater dress.

2012 is bound to experience more than a fair share of innumerable varieties of dresses with ‘fit and flare’ style. In fact, by now many must have already spotted these in a majority of high street fashion stores in theUK.

red skater dress

The latest crop of skater dresses is available in plenty of colours with or without cap, with or without sleeves. Besides, they are available in differing fabrics. Many versions of the skater dresses can be seen with delicate laces too. Consider your spring/ summer collection incomplete without skater dresses, some of which are incorporated with flattering prints such as polka dots, graphics in neon and ditsy floral pattern. So, don’t think twice before investing in either a printed skater dress or the one with the raging block colours such as red. Sexy!

Pretty Side of Fashion

Let your sexy curves come to notice with the skater dress given below.

  blue skater dress

This Dorothy Perkins Skater dress is ‘THE’ outfit for both, a formal event or a fun night out with your partner. Sterling silver earrings with a small pearl attached grants a classic touch to the attire along with a plain black clutch handbag. The overall look says “Business plus Style” is possible! Not to forget, balancing the dark colour with mid heels in nude hue will lend an awesome look.

Another non serious look that can NEVER backfire is a skater dress teamed with platform stiletto and a zip bag. Add a pendant that is in the shape of an owl or bird with dangling earrings to enhance your playful mood. Incorporate bold accessories such as an embellished footwear, a big handbag and a chunky bracelet for a dazzling look reserved for the evening party time.

The scope of creativity Skater dresses offer in terms of accessories such as brooch, belts, tights, statement rings and necklaces, footwear makes it all the more wearable than ever.

  skater dress outfit and accessories

 A skater dress coupled with leggings or stockings in sheer black hue is the best solution to dress up on a chilly day (given the bizarre weather conditions in UK). This is yet another solid reason that should compel you to add the task of purchasing skater dress to your urgent ‘to do list’.

A Few Considerations

If your body shape happens to resemble that of a pear (lucky you! You got a slender waistline) wearing a slim belt on a skater dress instantly draws all eyes towards your enviable figure. Those with an apple shape have a good reason to go for skater dresses this year. The flare of the skirt cleverly pulls away all the attention from the less toned middle section. And those with an athletic bod will also prefer skater dresses over other options owing to their pseudo curve rendering qualities. Quite impressive, right?

So, give your overlooked wardrobe a tasteful update with newly purchased skater dresses. Beautifully pleated skater dresses will keep you absolutely in groove with the latest trend regardless of the weather.