Make Up Trends

Skin Care Tips to Rock the Make Up Trends of Spring Summer 2013

It is alright about beauty being in the eyes of the beholder. But often, it is necessary to take extra help so that the beholder’s eyes get something really beautiful to behold. And that extra help is called make up.

The make up trends for spring summer 2013 have been revealed. This article will look at the top make up trends for spring summer 2013 and offer skin care tips so that you can pull off the look perfectly.

Make Up Trend #1 – Fresh and Natural Look

Natural ‘un-made up’ look dominated the Spring Summer 2013 runways. Fresh faced models, with mint scrubbed looks elegantly sashayed down the ramps in their blush shaded rouge and eye shadows and barely visible lip shades. Nude is ‘in’ in 2013 and we are not talking dirty here.

Make Up Trends

Skin Care to Achieve the Flawless Look

A regular regimen of cleansing and moisturinzing is crucial to keep your skin in good health. Give up junk food, drink plenty of water, sleep well and exercise and you are on your way to getting the natural look. But to get there faster, you need some help (make up). Choose a sheer or light weight foundation of the right shade. ‘Light weight’ means it spreads easily without settling into the lines and crevices. Use skin care products that promote radiance so that there is a glow effect which emphasizes the natural look.

Make Up Trend # 2 – Focus on the Eyes

Eyes have been the focus of romance and beauty forever and eye make up has always been an integral part of runway looks. Spring summer 2013 make up trends are no different. And there was a wide ranging creative showcase in the eye make up spring 2013 trends.

Donna Karan models stood out for their pink lined eyes.


Chanel added a silvery shimmer to the eyes.


 Achieving the Dramatic Eye Look

Caring for your eyes goes beyond make up, and you know that. To create stunning eye make up effects, use kohl. Kohl rimmed eyes are a huge fashion trend right now. Keep the shades dark and edgy or light and toned down, as per your comfort levels.

Make Up Trends

Make Up Trend # 3- Matte Lips

Glossy lips are no longer fashionable in 2013. You can go as bright as you want with your lip color so long as it is matte.

Giles models showcased bright fuschia lips and Burberry Prorsum models had scarlet velvet hued lips.

 Make Up Trends

Notice how matte lips are paired with the other top make up trend this season- the natural look.

Lip Care Tips

Always keep your lips moisturized and smooth. Lip cracks not only spoil the matte look of your lipstick, but are painful too. Use generous amounts of lip balm to keep your lips baby soft.

And oh yes, soft lips have an another advantage..the romantic kind…

Which of these make up trends will you try out? And do you have any special skin care tips? Do share with us.