2013 spring skirt trends

8 Must Have Skirt Trends for Spring 2013

Mother Nature is doing her best to make the sun shine, and in return, shouldn’t we should be doing our best to dress for the occasion? Spring 2013 brings us bold prints, feminine silhouettes and sultry style, and if you haven’t made it out and about to start curating your spring wardrobe, here are a few style ideas to keep your skirt collection on trend!

long skirt trends for spring 2013

1) Devil in the Details

The fit n’ flare style may not be practical for every occasion, but there is definitely a time and a place when it’s absolutely perfect. This fabulous applique mermaid style skirt’s hip hugging design and dramatic detailing is the perfect piece for a glamorous evening.

spring 2013 nautical skirt trends

2) Getting Naughty

The nautical theme is one that seems to keep returning to us over and over, and quite frankly, we can’t get enough! Bold navy and black striping, crisp cream and white backdrops, beautiful jersey and cotton fabrics, what’s not to love?

spring A-line skirt trends 2013

3) The Classic A-Line

This undoubtedly one of the most classic skirt styles. Hailing from the 1960’s, the reason its such a timeless design is because it’s universally figure-flattering. It doesn’t matter if you’re a size 6 or 26, the hip hugging, thigh-hiding shape is feminine, practical, and uber chic.

spring 2013 ruffle skirt trends

4) Get Ruffled

The ruffles are coming, the ruffles are coming! Okay, they’ve arrived. Not everyone is a fan of this ultra feminine look, but regardless of the baying fashion crowd, it’s a springtime favorite. This stunning Matthew Williamson design is ultra flirty, office-look ready and wearable by all.

wang skirts

5) Peek-a-Boo

From the shamelessly sheer to the tantalizingly translucent, skin is in! Finally, the whole of the fashion world has decided that the rest of us common folk need to start shedding our inhibitions and start embracing the risqué. Suggestive slits, and strategically placed fabric create the ultimate illusion, leaving a little something to the imagination. Whether its dramatic sheering up the side, or just a well placed fabric window, let the world see a little more of…you!

spring 2013 maxi skirt trends

6) The Maxi Skirt

Being saucy doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hike up your hemline girls! There’s something whimsical about a long, flowy skirt in a luxurious fabric. There’s so much to love about the maxi skirt; It’s versatile, it’s figure flattering, you can dress it up, dress it down, and you can never have too many!

full skirt trends spring 2013

7) The Full Skirt

Thanks to Madmen and a revival of the fabulous fashions of the 1950’s, full fabric skirts have made a roaring come back. Full skirts are a multi-seasonal design, so they transition right out of winter and into spring beautifully. They’re super easy to accessorize, and so comfortable, it’s hard to believe that you’re rocking couture.

mullet skirt trends spring 2013

8) The Asymmetrical Skirt

This little beauty is also called the ‘mullet skirt’, but it’s too darn cute to name it something so hideous, so we’re going with asymmetrical because, well, it is! The asymmetrical skirt is sort of a hybrid between a maxi skirt and a dipped hem skirt. It’s time to hit the gym ladies, and on the regular, because it’s all about showing off your gorgeous gams in this little number!