Sofia Vergara's Handbags

Sofia Vergara’s Drop Dead Gorgeous Handbags

Sofia Vergara is extraordinarily sexy! Does anybody want to question that?

Just a glimpse at Ms. Vergara can leave every woman filled with envy and every man overpowered with desire. Sofia manages to look beautiful every time, in every outfit, with every accessory from every angle.

Do you know what makes looking good 24 X 7 possible for Sofia Vergara?

Her stylish choices!

Yes this Colombian beauty is not only bestowed with great looks but she is also gifted with an extraordinary sense of fashion. Right from her gorgeous gowns on the Red Carpet to her street style outfits, Sofia knows how to nail every look.

It is, therefore, only fitting that this gorgeous beauty possesses a fancy collection of handbags. So sit back and enjoy as you take a look at Sofia Vergara’s handbags on your favorite stars’ favorite bags.

Sofia Vergara's Handbags

1. Valentino Histoire Bag

Sofia Vergara's with Valentino Histoire Bag

Keeping it gorgeous is what Sofia Vergara is very good at; much like her gorgeous maroon Valentino Histoire Bag, made famous by Angelina Jolie and her daughter Zahara.

2. Fendi Spy Bag

Sofia Vergara's with Fendi Spy Bag

The bright copper hue and snakeskin print brings this Fendi Spy Bag to life; reiterating the fact that Sofia Vergara makes stylish choices.

3. Christian Dior Resort 2013 Handbag Sofia Vergara's with Christian Dior Resort 2013 Handbag

Owning a black handbag seems like an unwritten rule that not only every celebrity, but every other woman, shares. And it’s black mixed with 100% fabulousness for Sofia Vergara with her Christian Dior Resort 2013 Handbag.

4. Fendi 2Jours Handbag

Sofia Vergara with Fendi 2Jours Handbag

White is sexy and Sofia Vergara seems to love white when it comes to choosing handbags. This sexy Fendi 2Jours Handbag is one of Sofia’s and our personal favorites.

5. Orange Hermes Birkin

Sofia Vergara's Orange Hermes Birkin Handbag

The ever so famous Birkin and its synonymy with celebrities takes us by surprise. While most celebrities opt for white and black Birkins, Sofia Vergara’s stylish choices lead her to owning this jazzy orange Hermes Birkin.

6. Fontana Milano 1915 AFEF

Sofia Vergara's Fontana Milano 1915 AFEF Handbag

This Fontana Milano 1915 AFEF will lead to an obsession. Its neat cut, color, pattern and shape are all drool-worthy and in the hands of Sofia Vergara it looks even sexier.

7.  Yves Saint Laurent Roady Bag

Sofia Vergara's Yves Saint Laurent Roady Bag Handbag

A classic number sported by Sofia Vergara, this brown Yves Saint Laurent Roady Bag is quite a photogenic handbag.

8. Prada Side Pocket Hobo

Sofia Vergara's Prada Side Pocket Hobo Handbag

The elegance Prada brings to its handbags and the sultriness Sofia Vergara brings to every ensemble makes Sofia’s outing with her Prada Side Pocket Hobo quite a defining fashion moment.

9. VBH Prive Python Clutch

Sofia Vergara's VBH Prive Python Clutch

Sofia Vergara surely knows how to make a striking fashion statement each time she steps out. This time she does it with her VBH Prive Python Clutch. This vision in pink is a true show stopper (we’re talking about the clutch).

10. Givenchy Nightingale Tote

Sofia Vergara's Givenchy Nightingale Tote

The brightness of this Givenchy Nightingale Tote is what we love the most about this bag. As soon as you set eyes on this picture, this yellow tote immediately draws all your attention towards it.

You must be soaking in the abundant glory of Sofia Vergara’s handbags. Nobody’s going to stop you if you want to take another look at these gorgeous beauties.

Which one did you like the most?