Spring Beauty Trends

Spring 2013 Beauty Guide: Fabulously Flaunt 10 Freshest Beauty Trends

Wanna be known as the most fashionable babe on the block this spring?…Or the most stylish chic in office?….. Or the trendiest gal at every party? Presenting to you the coolest Beauty Guide for Spring 2013 to help you be the woman you want to be.

Spring Beauty Trends

Flaunt these hottest beauty trends for Spring 2013 and be fabulous ALWAYS!

1. The Bob

The bob is a chic hairstyle that is very trendy for summer and spring. Why bear the heat with thick strands of long hair cooking up your scalp? Chop those tresses and don a bob for a stylish, fresh and new you.

Spring Beauty Trends

If you’re not ready to let go off your locks, you can always fake a bob. You can curl the lower strands of your hair and pin them underneath to achieve the bob hairstyle. Once you’re done, step out to feel the warm spring air soothe your neck.

2. Coral Lips

Kiss away the heat with fashion. Get some color and paint your lips. Coral is among the hottest colors this spring and your lips will surely be kiss-ready with a pout that’s coral in color.

Spring Beauty Trends

You can use your coral lips to brighten up dark colored attires or you could also use it to add a spark of perkiness to colorful outfits.

3. Thick Eye Lashes

Thicker looking eyelashes can make a huge difference to your facial appearance. It brings out the color of your eyes and enhances your appeal too.

Spring Beauty Trends

Thick Eye Lashes are great for a night out on the town in spring. They’re also great to try on for evening parties. Let your eyes do the talking as you outline them with mascara to thicken those pretty lashes.

4. Emerald Green Eyes

Green is the most popular color in spring. You probably already have a lot of green outfits that you can wear in spring 2013. Now add another element of green to your wardrobe with emerald green eye shadow.

Spring Beauty Trends

Green eye shadow works best with nude lipsticks. Trying on brighter colored lipsticks like red and maroon will not help the green eye shadow stand out well. Go Green stylishly!

5. Sleek Hair

Spring and summer do not really offer the best weather for healthy hair. The heat makes your hair frizzy, unruly and untamable. So how do you combat frizzy hair? Opt for a sleek hairstyle.

Spring Beauty Trends

You can use a couple of hair products for a sleek hairstyle. You can also opt for hair treatments to straighten your hair for a sleek look.

6. Golden Nails

Nail Art is quite the rage nowadays with artistic creations for spring 2013. But sometimes, a single color is enough to make a trendy fashion statement.

Spring Beauty Trends

It’s time to shine with golden nails. Bring on the shimmer or a metallic finish to your nails and you’ll have the trendiest nails in town.

7. Pastel Lips

Spring Beauty Trends

Pastel colors are really cute and feminine. But all the pastel shades in the world won’t really look great on your lips. From among all the pastel shades, pink is a sure winner. Get pastel pink lips with different hues of light pink for the perfect pout.

8. Fishtail Braids

Braids are so very feminine and so much fun. This trendy hairstyle is worn by a number of actresses, models and probably even your female friends.

Spring Beauty Trends

This spring, it’s time to go aquatic with a fishtail braid. It’s quite a trendy Bohemian look and a unique way to style your hair with any outfit.

9. Rosy Cheeks

A light blush on your cheeks adds so much appeal to your entire facial appearance. Rosy cheeks differentiate a pale face from one that shines. A rosy blush on your cheeks adds definition to your face.

Spring Beauty Trends

The heat from the spring and summer sun can really pull down your face, making it look pale. Highlight your cheeks and keep paleness at bay with rosy cheeks this spring.

10. Keep it Natural

If the bright colors of spring don’t really define you, keep it simple by going nude (only with your makeup). A natural look can be easily achieved with a few make up tricks like a matte foundation, nude lipstick or transparent lip gloss and beige eye shadow.

Spring Beauty Trends

Keeping it natural serves two purposes. Firstly, no one will notice you are wearing makeup and secondly, your face will still have a very natural glow.

And with these 10 beauty trends, you and your brighter face will be all set to give the sun some serious competition this spring 2013.