Spring Colors 2013

Paint the Town Glamorous with Spring Fashion Colors 2013: Top 10 Colorful Ideas for your Wardrobe

We’re guessing the reason you came for is to answer the question “what are the Spring fashion colors in 2013?”, is that because a little birdie told you that spring fashion is all about color. Your search ends here!

Yes, spring 2013 fashion colors are very much about color and we’re here to help you paint the town in every vibrant color there is this spring. We have compiled for you the top 10 ways in which you could add that much needed splash of color to your spring 2013 wardrobe.

Spring Fashion Colors 2013

Dress Up with Color and Accessorize with Color – that’s the NUMBER 1 RULE for Spring Fashion 2013.

1. Those Colored Jeans Are Not All That Bad

 If you believe that jeans can only be black or blue, think again. Fancy colored jeans do not look comical. They are totally in vogue and add a dash of color to your wardrobe.

Spring Fashion Colors 2013 For Jeans
Spring Fashion Colors For Jeans In 2013

With colored jeans at number 1 position on your list, you have begun your journey to paint the town with colorful fashion trends.

2. Printed Jeans Are Not Bad Either

Printed Jeans Spring Fashion Colors 2013

Why just stick to one color when you can have a host of colors forming wonderful prints and accenting your legs in style? You have a variety of choices like floral prints, abstract prints, animal prints, polka dots, tribal prints, stripes…. the list just doesn’t end.

Hair Spring Fashion Colors 2013
Spring Fashion Colors For Your Hair

Have fun with color by giving your precious locks a makeover. Streak your hair with blue, color the tips of your hair green, add a dash of red to your side fringe or just dye your entire scalp orange.

4. Buy A Funky Watch

 You probably have a silver watch and even have one in gold.

You may have rose gold and white too, but now, it’s time to go bold.

Spring Fashion Colors 2013
Add Some Colors To Your Watch In Spring 2013

Gift yourself a funky colorful watch this spring; something that’s blue, something that’s green or red or purple or maybe even one with all the seven colors of the rainbow on it.

Dresses Spring Fashion Colors 2013
Spring Fashion Colors 2013 For Dresses

Here is one idea that is equal to 10. Make a list of your Top 10 favorite colors on one side and a list of your top 10 Dress Patterns on the other side. Now mix and match your favorites together and you’ll probably be looking at something like “Red Bohemian Dress” or “Orange Halter Neck Dress” or even a “Teal Strapless Dress.”

6. Animal Prints Are Worth All The Attention…..On Your Nails

Nails Spring Fashion Colors 2013
Nail Polish Colors For Spring 2013

Shoes, bags, belts, blouses, pants and dresses in animal prints make you look steaming hot. It’s time to combine this sexy heat with color. Paint your nails with pink leopard print nail art or blue tiger print or maybe even purple zebra prints.

7. Belt It Up With Color

Spring Colors 2013

There are 7 colors in the rainbow. Subtract the colors you dislike from these 7 and add some more colors that you like. Your final calculations will give you a minimum of 7 belts in different colors.

8. Show Off Your Sexy Legs With Color

Spring Colors 2013

We’re not asking you to paint your legs. All you need to do is get a pair of colored shorts and show off your lovely legs in those.

9. Buy A Bag In A Never-Thought-Of-Color

Spring Colors 2013
Spring 2013 Colors For Your Handbags

There is always a possibility that your wardrobe has never had a particular color. Maybe it’s a color you don’t like or maybe it’s a color you never thought of. Now it’s time to welcome that color to your wardrobe with a beautiful bag in that very color.

10.  How Can You Forget Your Feet?

 Pamper your feet with vibrant colors too, or else it might start feeling left out. Here’s how you can choose the shoes’ color. You probably must have made a mental note of all the colors that you are going to buy with these 9 items listed in this article. Which is that one color you have left out? (There’s got to be one great color missing)

ShoeSpring Fashion Colors 2013
Add Some 2013 Spring Colors To Your Shoes

There you go, pick out that color and go buy shoes in that color and now you’re set.

Make Spring 2013 brighter than it has ever been with these Top 10 fascinating ideas to add color to your wardrobe.