Spring Fashion 2013

Spring Fashion Kit: Outshine the Sun with these Top 15 Must-Have Fashion Essentials

When the sun begins to shine brighter, it’s time for your wardrobe to shine brighter than the sun.

And when it comes to being fashionable, we are your best friends.

Today you pretty girls seem to be in luck for we’re presenting to you the ultimate Spring fashion kit. So make sure you take a really good look at these Top 15 fashion essentials we’ve lined up for you because you need to start preparing that spring fashion kit to soak in 100% style in Spring 2013.

Spring fashion kit

1. Denim Jumpsuit

Spring Fashion 2013 Stay cozy and cool in a denim jumpsuit this spring. Wear it over a comfortable tee or even without one and a pair of sneakers to look sizzling hot, cool and stylish at the same time.

2. White Sun Dress

Spring Fashion 2013 White is a soothing color in spring and summer. Not only does it keep your skin cool, but it also makes you look cool. Pairing a white sun dress with loads of accessories, a pretty sling bag, a pair of gladiators and oversize sunglasses will give you the perfect spring look.

3. A Colorful Backpack

Spring Fashion 2013

Ditch boring colors like black, brown and blue in spring. Go in for a funky looking backpack. Something that’s pink, orange, purple, yellow or red. Your spring casuals will be accessorized in style with a colorful backpack.

4. Floral Shorts

Spring Fashion 2013 Nurture your trendy and vivid imagination this spring with a pair of chic looking colorful shorts. They’re quite a rage and your spring fashion kit will be incomplete without a pair of floral shorts.

5. Tribal Print Dress

Spring Fashion 2013

A Tribal Print dress says “fun, flirty and fabulous”. It is the perfect choice for a shopping spree, a night out with friends and even for a date.

6. Flower Embellished Sunglasses

Spring Fashion 2013

These are not just any kind of sunglasses, my friend. These are flower embellished sunglasses. Want to feel that flower power run through your body? Then get a pair of these.

7. Gladiators

Spring Fashion 2013

Walking around in heels on a hot spring day is not frowned upon. But when the sun makes you feel uncomfortable, why add to the discomfort with a pair of heels? Opt for a classy pair of flat gladiators and enjoy fashion and comfort at the same time.

8. Cross Body Bag

Spring Fashion 2013

Since most of the goodies in your spring fashion kit are casual or semi casual, a cross body bag is perfect for every occasion. So when you’re keeping it casual, simply sling a bag around your shoulder and you’re all set.

9. Floral Cropped Shirt

Spring Fashion 2013

When the heat gets too much to handle, add a few degrees to the temperature by slipping into a sizzling hot floral cropped shirt.

10. Sequined Fedora

Spring Fashion 2013

Protect your beautiful face from a tan with a pretty little fedora over your head. To add a girly touch to it, buy yourself a sequined fedora.

11. Beaded Necklace

Spring Fashion 2013

Accessorize in spring to keep yourself from looking too pale. Accessories can bring the palest of outfits to life. If you do not want to buy too many accessories, just go in for a beaded necklace, it suits almost anything.

12. Charm Bracelet

Spring Fashion 2013

Bring your childhood days to life with a pretty charm bracelet hanging around your wrist and get nostalgic about the times you and your girl pals would exchange charm bracelets for fun.

13. Floral Sundress

Spring Fashion 2013

Floral prints and spring go hand in hand. That is why a floral sun dress is in order. Straps, sleeveless, short sleeves, tight fitting, long and flowy, high or low, a floral sundress is very, very pretty.

14. Maxi Dress

Spring Fashion 2013

For those spring days when you feel low, lift up your spirits and celebrate your feminine side with an elegant maxi dress. It brings out the best in you very gracefully.

15. Rose Earrings

Rose Earrings

Rose petal patterned earrings are extremely popular these days. Make sure you get a pair of rose earrings to make your ears look prettier than ever.

And with these 15 exciting fashion items, your spring fashion kit will be ready and you’ll be prepared to tackle the sun this spring. And remember, your spring fashion kit is always ready to welcome some more fabulousness if you ever feel the need to add some more of your favorites to it.