Statement Necklaces: ‘No Bare Neck’ Trend 2012

Have you ever felt that something is missing despite wearing everything bang on right and still failing to top the look? Well, the answer to this is lack of accessories that highlight your neck. Yes, you read it right! What you need on a priority basis this year is a statement necklace to keep up with the voguish fashion wave.

We have completed our report on statement necklaces to be worn this year. Do you want to have a look at it? Ok then, let’s not keep you waiting. Here it goes:

kim kardarshian in a choker statement necklace

1) Adorn Your Neck with Choker Style Necklace

It truly is the most (and believe us when we state so) sought after fashion accessory among the urbanites in the United Kingdom. Of all the metals used to manufacture choker necklaces, gold is right at the top. One of the reasons for it is the effortless way gold based choker necklaces gel along with the summer tan look. Plus, it is one of the best ways to wear a subtle and elegant day look.

Show off the well sculpted shoulder lines you have been working on whilst looking diva like in a snugly fit fifteen to sixteen inch choker style necklace. Off shoulder dresses, strapless ones and tees with V shaped plunging neckline look perfect with this trendy neck piece.

2) Return of Holy Cross

cross statement necklace               

Yes this year, crosses are back! So now you can ransack your drawers for the cross shaped necklace you’d bought a few years back. There is however a new twist to it in the form of horizontal alignment. Side crosses are a huge thing in the current year and many known personalities are donning them. For instance Jennifer Lopez has been spotted with it. These cross shaped pendants are available in materials of wood, diamond, beads etc.

cross statement necklace

Plus, here is a unique way of wearing this trend (check out the image above).

Be smart enough to layer two or three different designs with crosses for a totally carefree, chic look.

3) Rocking ‘Rocks’ For Your Neck

We present to you the latest Geode style necklaces to make you stand out above the rest. Hollywood stars are also developing a strong taste for this ‘hard to miss out on’ chunky necklace. The placement of this asymmetrical rock in many colour options makes one a head turner. With that around the neck, you do not need any more accessories to make your evening more charming. We recommend the mineral rich rocky structure to all women in 2012.

Vanessa Hudgens wears feather jewelry necklace

feather statement neacklace

4) Elaborate Feather Necklaces

Feathers can be seen in the hair as extensions, dangling in the ear and now in many dainty necks as well! Go bold with feather necklaces in popping color options or subtle with a single feather detail to your necklace. These look really trendy for the spring and summer season of 2012. See for yourself how a single feather inclusion can make people look stunning, for example, Vanessa Hudgens.

We are certain the latest necklace trends must have caught your eye too.

So go right ahead and get yourself the ultimate necklace for a spectacular fashion outcome, every single time!