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Stay in Vogue with Top Hair Color Trends 2013

Nothing makes your day more than gorgeous looking hair that enhances your personality and adds glamour to your outfits and accessories. For over a decade now, colouring hair to make it look absolutely stunning has become a fashion statement.

Hair colour and styling change with each fashion season and here we shall discuss the top hair colour trends for 2013 recommended to perk up your style quotient by your very own TrendNStylez Fashion Editors.

As you know, we like to give you more than we promise, so at the end of this presentation of top hair colour trends for 2013 you will also find our recommendation of Famous Hair Colour Brands and some of the most important Hair Colour Tips.

1. Bold Shaded Hair Color Trend 2013

The trend is to sport a bold colour and let your audacity do the talking. Top rung models and celebrities will be seen sporting deep hues, striking blondes and even reds, purples and greens in 2013. Go for the bold and bright and stay in vogue!

 2. Organic Hair Color Trend 2013

Organic hair colors with nutrients, conditioners and anti-oxidants are in a huge demand for their ability to maintain the natural texture and quality of hair. Organic colors are being preferred as these are devoid of harmful chemicals, are pH balanced and their color effect lasts longer.

3. Streaking Hair Color Trend 2013

Streaks have almost always been in vogue. And 2013 will bring in streaks of any trendy color combined with a contrasting shade to give your persona a gorgeous appeal.

4. Chocolate and Charcoal Hair Color Trend 2013

Classic shades like chocolate, charcoal and wood have rocked the hair fashion scene in 2012 and impart a very unique look to the wearer.

5. Ombré Hair Color Trend 2013

Ombré highlighting has been a huge fashion craze on the red carpet in 2012 and highly recommended for brunettes. This type of hair color features a dark hue at the root and lighter ones towards the hair tips.

 6. Grey and Brown Hair Color Trend 2013

Shades of brown including copper and burgundy combined with golden is totally in vogue. Another must-try trendy combination is white and grey.

7. Multi-shaded Hair Color Trend 2013

Multicolored hairdos have been a rage with models and hip women in 2012. Two to four colors could be combined to make you look peppy and sophisticated at the same time.

8. Henna Hair Dyes/ Colors Trend 2013

Henna is the most natural and age-old form of hair color extracted from plants. It is free from chemicals and is preferred because of its natural shine enhancing quality.

9. Famous Hair Color Brands Trends

The most preferred brands among leading salons are L’Oréal, Matrix, Goldwell, Wella, Rodkin, Clairol and Aveda. Out of the numerous brands on the market, you must go for the best quality ones devoid of toxic chemicals to preserve the quality of your hair.

10. Hair Color Tips 2013

  • Always consult a professional hair color expert before choosing the right one for your hair.
  • Experts recommend using organic hair colors or the ones with no toxicity to maintain the quality and natural shine of your hair.
  • Choose a hair color with conditioning agents.
  • In case of any reaction post hair color application, immediately consult a medical expert.

Take these precautionary measures before coloring your hair.

Choose from top 10 hair color trends of 2013 and color your hair right to stay up-to-date and stylish.