Kristen Stewart

Step into Kristen Stewart’s Closet: Her Dresses, Shoes & More

There’s a little fact that you know and we know that we witness every day, which is – celebrities inspire fashion in every walk of life. Considering how much our readers love checking out the styles celebrities set and their shoes, clothes, accessories and handbags, we do feel that we are really not giving you enough of the stars.

And so today, we introduce a new section dedicated entirely to you, our dear readers as well as our favorite Hollywood divas, which we like to call Stepping into Your Favorite Celebrities’ Closets. We scan every corner of your favorite celebrity’s closet and we put on display the very best of their clothes, shoes, accessories and handbags just for you. And you can be rest assured that we only choose the very best among the best that our divas own.

So which lucky celebrity’s closet do we get to raid today? Oh yes, Kristen Stewart! While Stewart can go ultra fashionable on certain occasions, the diva prefers to stick to casual styles most of the times. So get ready and enjoy the ride as we take you through a mind blowing experience of stepping into Kristen Stewart’s closet.


Ever since the premier of Breaking Dawn Part 2, if we hear the mention of “Kristen Stewart’s dresses” what immediately comes to mind is Kristen’s sheer gold dress.

Kristen Stewart’s sheer gold lace corset dress by Zuhair Murad was really highly appreciated for its beauty, although Kristen wearing it did garner a lot of mixed reviews. There is no denying the fact that Kristen indeed looked like a vision gracefully adorned in this dress (minus the photos with her bending to sign autographs).

Kristen Stewart

Balmain seems to be Kristen’s favorite brand whenever she wants to wear dresses. We loved this gorgeous strapless faded print dress that makes her look absolutely mesmerizing.

Balmain Faded Print Dress

Another Balmain dress that this star sizzled in is this awesome strapless red safety pin dress that she wore to the MTV movie awards. We hope the safety pins didn’t poke her.

Balmain Red Dress

Kristen sizzled graciously on the Red Carpet in this geometric print red and black evening gown by Proenza Schouler. This dress brings grace effortlessly to Kristen who is so naturally casual and breezy in her style.

Proenza Schouler Red Dress

Kristen dons yet another classy glittering piece which brings out the true “Kristen” in her and shows off her fun side. This Reem Acra glittering sequined mini dress paired with a brown belt simply looks great on Kristen, enhancing her body frame.

Kristen Stewart


Kristen Stewart’s collection of tops is quite trendy, however, there is one lovely top in her closet out there that simply looks sizzling hot and that is this lovely white crop top by Balenciaga.Kristen loves indulging in some naughty show of skin and here she accomplishes her mission in a rather classy way.


Kristen Stewart


Although some of Kristen’s jewelry pieces can get really forgettable, we were really mesmerized by the uniqueness of this fabulous black Fred Leighton scrollwork bracelet, which looked great with her black and red dress.


Kristen Stewart


Kristen’s collection of shoes will really make you go “wow.” She has some of the most fabulous pairs lined up in her closet, which you would really want to carry back home with you. We have never faced a bigger challenge to select only the best shoes from any celebrity’s closet and present it before you as we have faced here with Miss K-Stew. Nevertheless, we have brought to you only the best among the best.

The sheer spring dress that Kristen Stewart wore to the premier of On the Road with her satin white bikini top and shorts on display received a lot of flak, but one aspect of her entire ensemble that we loved was her Christian Louboutin Neon Pumps. So when we claim that Kristen Stewart really knows how to accessorize well, we are in fact telling you the truth because, the dress she may go wrong with, but the accessories, never.


Christian Loubotin Neon Pumps

We really loved this pair of Black and White Ankle Strap Pumps. It is quite a trendy piece and lifts up her dress doesn’t it?

Black and White Ankle Strap Pumps

And here comes another choice we struggled with. Kristen’s electric blue lacy dress was simply so elegant and gorgeous. And though the competition between her gorgeous electric blue pumps and this lovely blue lacy dress was quite close, we decided to give it to the pumps because we fell in love with it at first sight.


Kristen Stewart


Kristen Stewart has admitted that she is too much of a tomboy at times and although, we do not entirely agree with her, we have observed that Kristen isn’t much of a handbag girl. After a good look into her closet, we came across these two really amazing box clutches that Kristen possesses.

Although Kristen doesn’t flaunt too many accessories, she knows how to accessorize well. Her cream colored cocktail dress would look too ordinary without the detailing of these maroon satin ribbons on them and Kristen chooses wisely and carries this lovely maroon satin clutch with her that really brings out the color of her dress.

 Kristen Stewart

 This gorgeous black Chanel Box Clutch is Kristen Stewart’s perfect Red Carpet companion, besides Robert Pattinson of course. This clutch is quite a trendy piece and we’ve got to give it to Kristen for knowing what looks best for which occasion. This Chanel Box Clutch is indeed a classy piece for the Red Carpet.

Chanel Box Clutch

Oversize Belt

Among all of Kristen Stewart’s belts, we loved this one the most. It was difficult to tell which label, but even if this belt is a label-less piece, it is quite a trendy one. Oversize belts look great on women with petit frames, much like Kristen and she has paired it up with quite a classy Little Black Dress.

Kristen Stewart

Ray Ban Sunglasses

We found this awesome pair of black and yellow Ray Ban sunglasses that Kristen has sported on many occasions. Being a girl with a cool casual style, these Ray Bans are really a pretty match.

Ray Ban Sunglasses

And there we come to an end of a thrilling closet raid. Wasn’t it fun? Well, it certainly made us forget that we have to return from here. We’d stay here if we could and I’m sure you would wish the same, but then we wouldn’t get a chance to go out and explore some more celebrities’ wardrobes. Would we? This is one fun ride that’s not going to end soon, so keep watching this space to step into some more celebrities’ closets with us.