Party Shoe Trends

Footwear Fetish: Most Stylish Shoes for the New Year’s Party

What better way to end a year and welcome a new one than with a party? But a party isn’t one without a pair of stylish and gossip sparking pair of party footwear! After all it’s your feet which will tap you over to the New Year. The New Year needs a statement, one of boundless excitement, silver dreams and full of style and there’s no better statement than starting a fetish with your trendiest and most talked about party shoes.

From Heel Pumps to cowboy boots and from loafers to brogues, there is a wide assortment of fashionable & trendy shoes to choose from. But what we really need this year is not only stylish and exquisite, but also something which won’t stop you from rocking the floor. We weren’t stopped by the doomsday prophecies and with the right pair of shoes no one is going to stop us from living our lives and partying all night. So let us have a look at those most stylish shoes to celebrate with at the New Year’s party.

Footwear at the party

Most stylish shoes to arrive in at the New Year’s Party

All that Glitters is Definitely Bold

Shines and glitters were made keeping in mind the New Year’s party, with beautiful light play adorning the night sky, a few on your feet is a surefire way to be a part of good times. Trendy with a sparkly finesse which is sure to create a craze, these party wear shoes make a bold statement that you’re here to have a blast.

Party Shoe Trends

High on Heels

No description needed for these beauties. The heel was invented for parties or was it that parties were invented for heels, whatever the answer maybe, there is no doubt that if there’s any place where a heel belongs then it’s right at the center of the party. Coming in a number of sensational styles and tempting shades your heels are for your feet only. Heels will always be a part of the party just like you.


Sensational Sandals

Extremely elegant that will leave everyone at this New Year’s party glued. We never noticed when the sandals came to the scene but at first sight you could tell that they were meant to be. Revealing an exquisite charm of those beautiful feet, Sandals bring with them serenity and comfort. Effortlessly stylish and ‘in vogue’ these pairs of party wear are one of the ways to step forth into the party and the New Year with blast.

Sandal Trends

Lovin the Loafin

Loafers have undergone a tremendous transformation throughout the years and (thankfully) finally arrived at the party circuit. These superbly trendy pairs of party footwear are a popular choice for their comfort, stylish designs and the ability to carry that attitude. With a pair of loafers, it is all about looking forward to your enjoyment, so you don’t care if you got it wrong but you will grab all the eyeballs when you get it right. Comfort, attitude and trendy at their best, these party wear shoes are surely a big contender for any New Year’s party.

Celebrities and Loafers

The Proper Brogue

What’s a party without some hot guys? We haven’t forgotten about the men’s party wear shoes. A guy needs a statement for the party and the brogue definitely does more than just that. With these shoes you don’t have to worry, because in addition to being classy and comfortable, they are regularly a part of capital fashion and also the party circuit. They go well with any outfit. At the New Year’s party, a stylish brogue will surely be in the zone.

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Riding that Boot Boys & Girls

Boots were originally made for men, but so were parties and guess who’s ruling the circuit now. Equally trendy for both sexes, the boots add the extra oomph to any party wear.

Mens Boots

Timeless & classic style which spells out wild, alpha and unique all in a bold statement, these party wear boots will definitely get you and the party going.

A party favorite the boot embodies the vogue, vivid and vibrancy of the night. These party wear shoes enhance the frame and embolden your presence. Add to all this the combination of balance and style, the boot is the way to announce that you’ve arrived and are going to party till the sun rises, maybe even after.


Shoes are often looked over, but they are the ones that complete your style code. With the right shoes on your feet, no matter what place, this New Year all you will do is party till you drop and all the others can just stand and be amazed.