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Summer Fashion Trends 2013 – Your Comprehensive Guide

Summer is sweltering, but you can look stunning. Summer is sweaty, but you can look sexy. How, you ask? All you need to do is follow the summer fashion trends 2013 and make sure that you put your best fashion foot forward.

Fashion trends follow a cyclical nature just like the seasons of nature. As the seasons change, so does fashion. It is only natural because fashion mimics life. And doesn’t life change (OK, just a little) from summer to winter? In fact, sometimes some of these changes occur unconsciously. For instance, summers find you opting for lighter shades, while in winters you veer towards darker hues. Fabrics change when seasons change. It would indeed be rare (and foolish) to don fur in summer or cotton in winter, don’t you think?

And 2013 summer fashion merely presents these natural trends in a more formalized and innovative manner. The basics remain the same, but every year in summer fashion trends, something new and innovative is added, either from the designer’s creative processes or external inspirations which makes it unique for that season.

summer fashion trends 2013

And of course, fashion you see today is always an evolution from the past, so don’t be surprised if you find heavy influences of summer 2012 fashion trends in 2013 summer fashion.

Summer Fashion Trend 2013- A Comprehensive Guide

1. Flower Power is Back with a Bang

An all time favorite summer fashion and one of the most popular summer 2012 fashion trends, the floral trend is back in summer 2013 also.

New York summer 2013 collection showcased muted florals with subtle floral designs. The designers at the Mercedes Benz Fashion week in Madrid, however made no pretense of reining in their floral impulses and went all out creating the brightest floral prints. In either case, florals are an established 2013 summer fashion trend. And you can wear it loud or toned down as per your individual preference.

Summer Fashion Trends 2013
2. White Shirts for a Summery Look

One of the expected 2013 summer fashion trends was the ‘white shirt’ look and designers did not disappoint. At times like this, I am forced to admit that fashion is very predictable.

Predictable? Yes. But routine? No way.

Though crisp white shirts have been part of summer fashions for more years than you care to remember, there is an interesting theme or twist to it every year that makes it unique. In the 2013 summer fashion collections, the focus was on the collars. So if you want a trendy white shirt to pair up with your jeans, skirts or shorts, make sure it has a collar. Both traditional and round collars will do.


Pairing up the white shirt with a dark hued shorts/skirt/trouser is a great idea, though you can experiment with the ‘all-white’ look too.

3. Ethereal Gown Trends for Summer Fashion 2013

Something completely unexpected and new in summer 2013 fashion trends is the flowy gown trends observed in the collections presented by major designers such as Roberto Cavalli, Versace and Gucci. Perfect for a beach party or a romantic evening out, the prints and the bright hues in these gowns kept them casual and flirty rather than formal. Without clinging and unkindly revealing your (perhaps not so perfect) body contours, these gowns lovingly fall over your body, hiding the flaws, if any, giving you an ethereal look.

Definitely worth investing in, don’t you think?

2013 Summer Fashion Trends

4. Color Blocking Trend in Summer Fashion 2013

Blocks of color used in apparel was seen popularly on the ramp in various summer 2013 collections. Solid contrasting blocks make the maximum impact, though you can of course mix and match colors as per your sensibilities. Fashion, after all is no hard and fast rule. Fashion is something that incorporates a little bit of you.


5. Good News for Girls

In a refreshing change in 2013 summer fashion trends, the focus has shifted towards ‘girly’ apparel as opposed androgynous styles that have dominated previously. I personally welcome this trend because I feel girls need a chance to be just girls – pretty and beautiful.

This trend was represented by the dresses that made their way to the ramps. The dress styles of course varied and included structured tight dresses and full skirt dresses, but in either case, there was no missing the femininity and grace the dresses conferred on the wearers.

 2013 Summer Fashion Trends

6. Sheer is Sexy in Summer 2013

Sheer has always been a positive summer fashion trend and sheer was represented in abundance in various summer 2013 collections.

Of course what was seen on the ramp may not be practical to implement in everyday life. But the point is sheer is a fashion statement in summer 2013. You can tweak sheer in innovative ways to create a sophisticated ensemble for yourself.

2013 Summer Fashion Trends

And remember, particularly with sheer, it is very fine line between vulgar and classy. Take care to choose well.

7. Happening Colors in Summer 2013

We saw that color blocking was one of the top 2013 summer fashion trends. In addition, single colors that dominated ramp shows included deep shades of blue, green and pink.

2013 Summer Fashion Trends

A very summery orange was predominant in the New York fashion shows that showcased summer 2013 fashion trends.


A very popular color combination in summer 2013 is white and red. Lending an aura of elegance and sophistication to the apparel, this trend was showcased by designers like Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and Prada.


Summers are usually periods when there is complete break from regular routine. Holidays planned well in advance are taken in summer, work load is light because everyone else is on a vacation, even if you are not; and kids (if any) are around the home. So essentially, summers can either stress you out entirely or make you completely chilled out depending on how you react to circumstances. By knowing and following the summer fashion trends 2013, you know that you are your stylish best whatever the circumstances.

And if you belong to the former category (stressed out), you will snap right out of it because everyone will keep complementing your style and wardrobe. That’s the power of fashion.

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