Summer Hats : Sizzle But Not Due To The Temperature!

Summer is finally here! In summers, your lovely face and skin need care and guard against the sun with summer hats. Fortunately both doctors and fashionitas recommend summer hats. This year make it a point to safeguard yourself from the tan and potentially harmful sun rays. Do so by sporting summer hats that serve functionality with a touch of class. Why allow hot summer days to slash down your outdoor activity this year?

Brush aside all weather predictions and flaunt your curves with pretty dresses and with an equally pretty summer hat propped on! Slathering your skin with sunscreen of higher UV protection factor and eyewear do not effectively protect some of the exposed areas of the face and ears. This is where light weight summer hats in endless styles, materials and color options can be put to use.

Read through this guide that introduces you to this summer season’s hottest trend- the protective and ultra cool summer hats!

Trilby summer hat

 Trilby Summer Hat

T in 2012 stands for trendy and Trilby! That’s exactly why this summer hat is not only versatile but trans-seasonal too. It is definitely a timeless piece all shopoholics with a predisposition for summer hats MUST MUST MUST opt for. Try it on with a beautiful summer dress. This smartly offsets the feminism with a hint of edginess. This hat has the texture similar to that of straws and makes the best choice for festival fans.

The Cowboy Summer Hat

This particular summer hat trend is ideal for a laid back day and is perhaps an easy to style summer hat for all women. Made of straw, the colors in which cowboy style hats can be tried are shades of white, beige etc. Colors inspired from fruits for example raspberry, lime etc look exotic with a simple pair of jeans and tee or a printed dress. Kate Middleton has been titled the “Queen of Hats” and she too recently wore a white cowboy hat with jeans and boots.

 straw summer hat

 Visor Summer Hat

Another casual summer hat is the popular Visor. Yes! Year 2012 welcomes these kitsch hats into the UK fashion world simply because they look stunning even whilst providing protection from the blazing sun. Team it with any casual wear and look picture perfect while having a good time at the beach. No need to worry about your hair do.

visor summer hat

Fedora Summer Hat

The summer hat that steals the spotlight among the many available is none other than the Fedora. Don’t for once underestimate the high quotient of “irresistibly” this particular head gear renders to all its wearers. You can accessorize or buy Fedora summer hats which are decorated with beads, braids, classic ribbon trim, feather etc. Go for any color detailing such as black or pink like Ashley Tisdale.

fedora summer hat

 Cloches Summer Hat

Pull off elegant appeal with Cloches as this summer hat can be used for cocktail parties, evening events or weddings too. The word Cloches refers to its characteristic bell like shape and comes with pretty laces and small beads. The wide brim sun hat offers more than just ordinary sun protection. Due to its massively wide brim, it excels immensely! Plus the pinch of sophistication it adds to any attire makes it a complete stunner, truly! Take the pool side look this year to a completely new level with glittery heels, wide brim summer hats and statement jewellery.

Boater Summer Hat

Last but definitely not the least, is a must have Boater summer hat. If you are hesitant to try out completely flat top brims, you can modify it using another variety that has a rolled brim.

A few relevant tips to bear in mind while selecting summer hats to further enhance your beauty include the following:

1)     Try and understand which category of shape suits your face outline.

2)     There will always be a quite a few summer hats that won’t clash with your overall personality. Instead, your focus should be on those hats that effortlessly bring out your lovely features. Correct judgement will keep you from falling into the category of those people who regret their summer hat purchase (approximately 55 percent people regret). Always give preference to your personal style.

 celebrity style summer hats

3)     If you are eyeing a summer hat that looks appealing but is way too flashy for your style, it’s always better to ditch it. That way you will never have to worry about the “overdone” factor.

4)     Choose the color, size and pattern that you are comfortable wearing.

5)     Lastly, buy a proportionate summer hat. If you have a petite body size (like the pic above) wearing an excessively large hat will do no justice to your style statement.

Therefore make good use of your visual ability and the above mentioned guidelines to save time and money; and most importantly, prevent a fashion disaster.

Opt for any of the above explained styles and you’ll stand out for sure. Save your hair and skin from damage causing heat rays by putting a hat on your head.