Summers Sandals – Shop My Top 10 Picks!

The world goes round and round as do trends come and go. I guess you can say certain styles are recycled every so often. Sounds ecologically fashion chic, right? Here are my top ten picks for this summer’s must have shoe trend, the pretty-ugly sandal.

1. Marni / Available at


 marni_sandals  marni_sandals2

If any design house knows how to make a great pair of flat-heeled sandals it would be Marni. These metallic strapped, cutout sandals are perfect for transitioning from a summer’s day look and into the evening.


2. Ancient Greek / Available at

 ancient_greek_sandals  ancient_greek_sandals2

Want to channel your inner Greek goddess? Then look no further than these high-flying wing tipped metallic sandals. Coming in a variety of shades, these flat sandals are truly a dramatic statement piece.


3.  Opening Ceremony / Available at

opening_ceremony_sandal  opening_ceremony_sandal2

Going a bit more casual, Opening Ceremony sells a great pair of black leather printed python sandals. Perfect for pairing with pretty much anything in your wardrobe, that’s the beauty of the color black, these sandals will easily transition from day to evening.


4. H&M / Available at

HM_Sandal   HM_Sandal2 

Bright and bold! Are you one to stand out from the crowd? These H&M elastic strapped neon colored sandals are just for you! If you aren’t one to be as bold and daring with your color selection, these sandals also come in all black!


5. Jil Sander / Available at

jil_sander_sandal  jil_sander_sandal2 

Looking for a pair of investment sandals? Jil Sander offers these great black leather sandals with adjustable straps and gold buckles. Perfect for dressing up a pair of denim, or wearing them for a night out on the town. Cheers!


6.  Giambattista Valii / Available at

Giambattista_Valli_Sandal  Giambattista_Valli_Sandal2

Going with the classic inspired Birkenstock design, Giambattista Villa, put his own chic spin on this classic styled sandal. Studded and metallic, these sandals will be noticed.


7.  Chloe / Available at

chloe_sandal  chloe_sandal2

Slip them on and wrap them up and around your ankle, Chloe’s leather espadrille sandals are perfect for that daytime chic look. These sandals make for an easy-to-pair addition to your seaside silhouettes.


8.  Birkenstock / Available at

 birkenstock_patent_leather_sandal  birkenstock_patent_leather_sandal2

Fresh out of the 1999’s Birkenstocks are back and trending. These comfortable sandals that mold to your feet, achieve the perfect comfort and fit. Birkenstocks are the perfect match for that go-to everything sandal.


9.  See by Chloe / Available at

 see_by_chloe_sandal  see_by_chloe_sandal2

Sophisticated chicness would best describe these sandals. With a leather and gold metallic strap this flat-heeled sandal is perfect for that special RSVP event you are attending.


10.  Dr. Martens / Available at

 dr_martins_sandals  dr_martins_sandals2

Last but not certainly least are Dr. Martens. These rugged sandals now come in great on trend flashy colors. Bringing a bit more style to such a rugged design. This sandal is sure to bring some height and pizazz to your look.

One word to best describe the “it” summer sandal, would be “versatility”. Most of these looks you can take from day to night, dress them up or dress them down. You can throw them in a beach bag, or duffle bag, and the best part is you won’t have to worry about your heels getting stuck in the grass or quick sand. This summer flat is all that!