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What Sunglasses Will Be Popular In 2013?

Without doubt, sunglasses contribute significantly to your overall ensemble. Originally, intended as a functional item for protection from the sun, sunglasses today have come into their own as independent fashion accessories that make a distinct style statement – summer or winter. We’re here to help you to stay stylish with our top sunglasses trends 2013.

sunglasses 2013

Whether you are on vacation or on your daily commute to work, a pair of sunglasses can transform your look from plain and boring to chic and urbane.

As with apparel fashion trends, trends do exist for sunglasses. Now is the time the best designers are finalizing the sunglasses trends for 2013. Let us take a sneak peek into what is in store in sunglasses design and fashion for 2013.


The Top Sunglasses Trends in 2013

  1. Dramatic Sunglasses Trend 2013

Presented at the Milan Fashion Week, top designer Roberto Cavalli’s Wild Diva Collection presents dramatic and bold sunglasses as a trend in 2013. The frames are square, with innovative shapes at the top, slightly reminiscent of the cat eye shapes that have been dominant all trough Spring 2012. The colors will mostly be dark to go with the general winter trends of late 2012 and early 2013. Models on the ramp paired the Wild Diva sunglasses with fur coats in animal motif and hats – typical winter style dressing. And you should too, for the best effect.

dramatic sunglasses trends 2013

Dramatic and dark sunglasses will be a top trend in 2013

  1. Colored Lenses Sunglasses Trend 2013

The sunglasses presented by Gucci for 2013 stood out for their colored lenses and this promises to be a big trend in 2013. The overall style for this trend is minimalist and sleek with light weight chromed steel in the temples and bridges. The colors are subdued and range from subtle greens and blues to the very dull grays. Perfect for the stylish and sophisticated woman – you.

gucci sunglasses trends 2013

gucci sunglasses trends 2013

Gucci sunglasses trends for 2013 focused on colored lenses and minimalist style.

  1. Funky and Colourful Sunglasses Trends 2013

This trend comes all the way from across the pond (New York) from the Dita Eyewear Collection of designer Thom Browne. The focus here is on colorful frames with mesh side panels (again colored and with a dash of detailing on the legs. Something new and interesting definitely. Though we may have to wait and see how well this trend catches on.

dita sunglasses trends 2013

dita sunglasses trends 2013

Dita Eyewear from New York trends for 2013- Funky and colorful.

 Geometric Frames Sunglasses Trends 2013

An analysis of the trends seen in the runways at Paris, Milan and London recently reiterate that 2013 is all about geometric frames. Clear geometric shapes will rule, with the round shape being a bigger trend than the others.

sunglasses 2013

As always, cat eye shapes will remain a popular trend, particularly for women. Another top sunglasses trend in 2013 carried over from now will be the over sized sunglasses. So if you have one already, you are lucky.


These are sunglasses trends that have been showcased in fashion shows across the world and should give you an idea about what will be hot in the world of sunglasses come 2013.

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