Sunglasses Trends 2013: Stylish, Sexy, Sophisticated & Oh Yes, Sun Shield Too

It is possible that a long time ago, sunglasses were donned exclusively for sun protection. Over the years, sunglasses have evolved as fashionable accessories. Sunglasses today are sexy, stylish, sophisticated, and so much more than just sun protection.

All major fashion houses like Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and others present their signature sunglasses trends every season. So what are the trending sunglasses this season? How do you make sure you step out in style while protecting your precious eyes from the sun’s glares?  Read on to find out.

Sunglasses Trends Summer 2013

1.  Floral Frame Sunglasses Trends 2013

Summer is the time for a burst of florals on the runway. Whether you turn to apparel or accessories, the floral motif is everywhere. But sunglasses were usually exempt. Not so in 2013.  Inspired designers from Prada and Anna Sui have extended this trend to sunglasses too.

Prada chose to incorporate delicate floral patterns along the entire circumference of the frame except the lower portion. A slightly overwhelming look, but exceedingly stylish.

Sunglasses Trends

Note how the sunglasses have been coordinated with the outfit. Fashion, after all, is in the details.

Anna Sui on the other hand, opted for just a hint of pretty flowers at the frame corners. This created a more subtle look (as compared to Prada), but one that was equally stylish.


Thus the same floral trend has been interpreted in two diametrically opposite ways. Which one would you prefer?

2. U-Shaped Sunglasses Trends 2013

An innovative sunglasses trend observed on the runways for summer 2013 was the U-shaped frames. In general, oversize sunglasses are extremely popular in 2013. The U-shaped sunglasses are oversized, but are distinguished by their unique shape. Another distinguishing factor about these sunglasses was the use of bold colors in the lower portion, with contrasting accents at the top. This design really makes the U-shape stand out. Here take a look yourself.


3.  Safety Goggles Sunglasses Trends Summer 2013

Protective eyewear, part of uniform in several professions, actually made it as a stylish trend for sunglasses in 2013. (No wonder, some people say they can’t understand fashion). Surprisingly these safety goggle shaped sunglasses actually looked quite cool and sexy. Michael Kors, Tracy Reese and Milly by Michelle Smith showcased this particular trend on the spring summer 2013 runways.

Tracy Reese and Milly by Michelle Smith kept the sunglasses clear, while Kors added some tinted colors to enhance the glam quotient.

Sunglasses Trends

Here’s a thought. The next time you pass by a construction site, take a moment to admire the ‘trendy’ eye glasses the workers have on. Bet they have no clue that they are sporting the latest fashion trends!

4. Frame – Fame Sunglasses Trends 2013

All through the spring summer 2013 sunglasses collections, one aspect was constant- the focus on frames. And we have decided to call this the ‘frame-fame’ trends, because these really out-of-the-ordinary frame designs and embellishments are sure to make you famous (or at least make sure that others notice you).

House of Holland opted for a bronze intricate design frame, framing the lens completely. Carven and Calla concentrated on the upper portion of the frame, creating an edgy look.

Sunglasses Trends

5. Animal Print Frame Sunglasses Trends 2013

Animal prints are very trendy this summer. From bags to belts to apparel, animal prints were so rife on the runways that some fashion editors though they were in the jungle and not at a fashion show. (You know I am kidding right?)

Well animal print trends have wriggled their way into sunglasses frames too. Ladies, time to bring out the ‘beast’ in you.

Sunglasses Trends

An excuse for cat fights? Well, that’s up to you.

What style is yours for sun protection this summer?