Sunglasses Trends For 2012 – Welcome Sunshine with a Dash of Glam!

Great! So you do have all your stylish outfits carefully stacked within your wardrobe for the year 2012? Yes? Hey, but wait! Didn’t you miss out on the category of must have accessories that have the sure shot ability to work wonders for your overall personality. Yes, now you got it – the sunglasses! That’s right! A stunning pair of sunglasses is definitely here to stay during every season this year. It wouldn’t harm if besides giving protection to your eyes and the surrounding skin, they look uber-cool on you, don’t you agree? Here’s a peek into the Sunglasses Trends for 2012.

Beat the Heat in Style                          

Your fashion statement is incomplete without the inclusion of new and different sunglasses. They have evolved more as a fashion accessory in addition to being the tools used to shield oneself from the scorching heat and the harmful UV rays. To assist you in working towards the image of an A list stylista, we will cover all of the latest trends related to sunglasses that are creating quite a rage in the fashion world this year. Let’s get going with exploring the Sunglasses Trends for 2012.

Sunglasses with a Round Shape

You are well aware of the classic, round shaped eyewear that must have already made way into your closet sometime back! But hang on! Here comes the good part- summer as well as spring collection this year has spruced up the usual looking sunglasses by infusing a few effective changes as far as the lens and frame work is concerned. Opt for the newer jewel embedded rims, glasses with contrasting hues that give a fresh comeback to the glasses with a round shape.

The top notch designer wear that must be considered are as follows- Erdem, Viktor and Rolf etc. Here is another reason to use these. This very shape has been used by renowned names such as Lady Gaga and Elton John too.

Cat Eye Sunglasses: Glamour Galore

These seem to have caught instant attention among females for a solid reason. It surely does add loads of dynamism to your persona. Brands like Dolce and Gabbana have drawn inspiration from retro cat eye glasses and introduced variations like less angular corners, fancy lace frames and lenses with neutral gray shades. Using these trendy add-ons, you can easily show off your playful mood! How cool is that!


So, in case you are looking around for sunglasses that exude feminism but that too in the apt dose, you’ll simply adore these cat eye sunglasses. Select either multi-striped ones by Marc Jacob or the ones with bright coloured spots against the acetate frame. Another major plus point is that this shape goes well with all kinds of face shapes. Superstar Rihanna carried off these very glasses with flair in the video “You Da One”.

Quirky Shaped Eyewear is IN


These have certainly taken the fashion world by storm especially the ramps. Why?  All thanks to their ‘different from usual’ look. Go for uniquely shaped glasses to stand out from the crowd with either oval, heart or diamond shaped sunglasses. Note: These are intended to be used by the bold and sassy girls who are not afraid to be the centre of attention. Some of the popular designers to have exploited this fresh style include Karen Walker, Giles and Jeremy Scott.

The Close Relationship between Style and Sunglasses by Versace Share

It cannot be denied that no dress looks perfect sans a pair of Versace sunglasses that are bound to make the focal point of everyone’s eyes. Trust us. The brand has built an irrevocable reputation for style and has an extensive selection that pulls customers towards them. Add a touch of ‘grace’ with the soft angles found in Versace pair.

Reflective Glasses


If you think these belong to the ‘weird’ style category, it’s time to re- think carefully. These accessories have been put to use on ramp and fashion shows by designers namely Cynthia Rowley. Why? They look chic! Need more proof? Stars like Kate Beckinsale, too have been captured wearing mirrored style glasses. This style probably stems from the sporty collection of sunglasses. And brands like Ray Ban and Oakley have the best pairs by inculcating out of the box ideas and modern technologies.

Gradient glasses have been a hot selling commodity this year and look elegant in all styles of frames- aviator style or cat eye. Take celebrities like Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian for instance. For those who are afraid to take risk, here’s what they must purchase- Chanel sunglasses for a highly refined and classy look.

Bright Colours to Liven it up!


This year is the ultimate time to let go off the safest colour selection of black and white. Instead splash over your lenses! Who doesn’t like colours? We have already noticed many celebrities donning this attractive eyewear. Make coloured lenses your style statement without hesitation because they’ll look amazing with anything you wear!

That being said, if you make use of any of the above mentioned tips related to sunglasses trends for 2012, you’ll add a sparkle to your ensemble each time. Hurry up and get yourself the one that clicks!