Sunhat Trends for 2012 – A Staple for Any Contemporary Closet!

It’s not an unknown fact that spring and summer time every year necessitate the use of Sun hats. After all, too much of sun exposure can lead to considerable hair as well as skin damage which sometimes are difficult or impossible to reverse. Changes in the ozone layer have also had an impact on our planet’s ability to efficiently screen the damage causing ultra violet rays. That being said, it shouldn’t stop you girls from stepping outdoors for fun. How? The answer is simple yet savvy- Make use of au courant sun hats!

These accessories have functions that qualify more than those of usual add-ons. That’s for sure! These head pieces are in vogue and serve the purpose of both, making you look glamorous besides shielding your delicate skin from the harsh sunlight rays.

Pros of Wearing Sun hats

These are in fact countless. So let’s start counting! Protection from the sun is a practical reason for donning a sunhat. Restricting yourself to the use of sunscreen does not suffice nowadays. Make use of wide brim, either crocheted or straw hats to fight the sun.

Yes, there are days when your hair turn into your worst enemy and refuse help of any sort. Such an unmanageable hair state gives another solid reason to switch to a hat that pulls attention away from your unkempt hair. Now, you can fix them later on. Your problem solving hat not only fixes the hair problem by covering them but also makes you look stylish. Wearing these, your bad hair day will be a well kept secret shared between the hat and you! Next up, there are certain occasions which demand the use of hats. Take for example, a day at outdoor competitions like horse races and even an outdoor wedding occasion. This is the apt time to wear voguish hats.

Factors to Keep in Mind for Sunhat Trends For 2012

These delectable accessories can make you stand out from the usual lot but what’s to be noted is this applies only post careful selection of one. You must keep both, sun protection, aesthetics and form in mind. A tightly woven sunhat always tops over loosely woven one especially on hot, sultry days. Aesthetic appeal coupled with the outline of your face if looked into, can immensely enhance your overall style.

Must Follow these Sunhat Trends For 2012

Here is an educative list of sun hats that are soaking in all the desired attention for you!


The Fedora Hats– These fashionable hats make a well deserved comeback into the fashion world this year and are in fact being touted as the biggest trend for seasons of spring or summer. Reason: These winning options perfectly gel with any type of outfit. You’ll go crazy making choices courtesy the widest palette of fabrics, finesse and colours. You must have noticed renowned personalities donning these beauties many times. These go best with tuxedos and waist coats. Lindsay Lohan, Victoria Beckham and Nicole Richie adore these.

Panama Hats- These are a variant of Fedora with a broader and comparatively straighter brim. These when worn with a pretty sun dress casts a Saint Tropez aura! You can further spruce up your summer look with simple tips as follows- If you have a small body proportion, opt for small or medium sized hats that won’t overpower your petite frame. As for colour, neutral hue can be paired up with many clothing styles, be it casual or sporty.


Wide brim Hat– Isn’t the above image stunning? These do wonders for a boho or retro look. If worn with flared trousers or shirts with bow-tie neckline, these look quite smashing. Brand Gucci has introduced wide brim sunhat on the ramp with models looking elegant in pencil skirts and high boots.

Floppy sun hats for Females– These make a great option this year, especially at any beach. This head gear is extremely easy to carry while on a trip as most of these are crushable but still retain their original shape.

Straw Sun Hat– These extremely lightweight hats make the best option for spring or summer days. These not only look classy but also enhance the look of any floral summer dress. This is truly a timeless accessory that remains immortalised and proves to be perfect ensemble for any informal event. Oversized versions in soothing white or any pleasing colour hold potential to make you the centre of attention.

Vintage Hats- The ‘60s style is re-visiting 2012 in the form of vintage hats and that too with a twist! You can check out the latest collection from Fendi and Prada. Try these vintage themed hats and add a dash of feminism by incorporating either a silk or floral print band. That’ll be chic.

Visors– Those looking for out of the box styles, Visor is the apt option for you. These are back with a bang in ultra modern looks and attractive shades. All you have to do is to wear your hair high and you’re done! Effortless yet trendy!

Try any of the above head gears for a string of compliments. For a wow effect, add some delicate flowers or feathers to suit your taste. Lastly, make sure the sunhat you buy fits you well.