7 Sensational & Head-turner Swimwear Options in 2012!

De sizzle the heat of the sun by taking a splash in the pool or beach water in an absolutely non-ordinary swimwear this year! Do you yearn to own a beachwear collection that can be best described as a ripper? Thanks to the fashion designers for launching their umpteen swimwear creations, it is now possible for women of all shapes and sizes to flaunt their style and bod!

We know you eagerly want to know about those 7 sensational swimwear patterns. But before we get there, here’s a brief note on what to carry with you while heading out for a sun soaking session with friends:

  • your sun tan lotion with the apt sun protection factor
  •  a wide brim hat and
  • a pair of stylish sunglasses.

However, there is something besides these accessories. Yes, you know it! A trendy bikini! So are you ready to explore the many choices for a unique and totally sexy look?

Let us delve into all of them so by the end of it, you can head out and get one for your long due vacation.


  1. Vintage Swimwear Assortment That Makes Men Drool


Of all the styles that we’re going to analyze here, let’s begin by discussing the undying charm of retro styled, high waist swim suits. Do not think of this trend as one that of an era gone by. Opt for a metallic, high waist bottom that reaches above the navel or the printed one that bears the vintage theme.  Come to think of it, that is actually a noteworthy take on the retro styled bikinis.

How about investing in a dark bottom vintage wear that covers up your less toned lower abdominals or fuller hips with a cool digital print on it? Sounds good to you? Awesome! Let’s take a look at other awesome stuff.


  1. Crochet Swimwear

Crochet styled swimwear with its intricate stitch detailing is totally feminine and elegant. This trend was quite a highlight last year and is still riding high this summer. Go for a full crochet swimwear or a sexy, one piece bathing suit to look appealing; the way nobody could have imagined you to be!


  1. Flirt Wearing Flounces in 2012

If a fun yet flirtatious look is what you are eyeing but are too confused as to what would represent that flawlessly, we can help. The solution is flounces and flounces only. Ruffles and crochet together make a compatible and chic style for a day at the pool side. The difference this delicate element of ruffles to the top or the bottom makes is outstanding. A ruffle rich bodice also creates the illusion of a shapely bust line.


  1. Sizzle in String or Strap Styled Bikini

Strap bikinis in 2012 are for those with a bold approach towards fashion. This season is the right time to try on bikini styled briefs with multiple, wide strips along both the sides. It looks like an impressive scissor work turned into a statement piece for you. You must not overdo the thin or wide cut in both the components of a bikini and stick to just either ‘strappy’ bikini, bandeau or bottom. As for the hue, bold black just polishes the look making you look akin to a ramp model. Shiny embellishments form a variation worth considering.


  1. ‘Must Have’ Mono Shoulder Swimwear 2012

Look different from the rest by purchasing not just the voguish one shoulder long dresses but the same look in the shape of a bikini too. You can always try colour blocking trend in this style with a sharp contrast coloured strap.


  1. Fun Fringe Time

Fringes work best with all types of body shape and size and that’s what makes this trend so hot this year. Many stars including Rihanna were spotted enjoying the cool waves in this fringe cut monokini or bikini. What can be better than fringe for it has the fine ability to camouflage your heavy bust or waistline! Not just that, fringe placed in a curve can make you look endowed with a fuller cleavage.


  1. Sequins on Swimwear

We think sequins are omnipresent and sequined swim swear looks like rich attire. If sparkles are your weakness, you now know which swimsuit to opt for the dazzling effect!

With this update, there is no stopping you from getting noticed while having fun in the water or soaking up the sun.