Street Style 2013

Take to the Streets in Style in 2013: New Looks for Street Style 2013

What is it that makes street style so inspiring? Is it the spontaneity with which we put together clothes and come up with a brilliant unique look or is it the artistic thoughts that go into conjuring up something fashionable? Well, if you’d ask us, we’d say that it’s a little bit of both that make the world of street fashion go round.

Street fashion is about anything and everything under the sun; vivid colors, bold prints, trendy shoes, stylish bags, fashionable trousers, blouses, dresses, shorts, accessories and so much more that are all synonymous with street fashion. A fashion enthusiast would go crazy considering the wide variety available under street fashion.

The runways of the world’s hottest fashion houses have given us quite a comprehensive look as to what’s in store for street styles for 2013. And here is your chance to take all the time you need to set yourself fashionably in place to gear up for street style in 2013.

Here’s presenting to you the hottest trends in street style for 2013.

1. Leather Skirts 2013

A must have for all leather lovers! The trend of leather skirts is not an entirely new concept; however, 2013 gives a new dimension to leather skirts in terms of length. We have tried leather minis and short skirts and it’s now time for knee length and below knee length leather skirts.

Street Style 2013

These leather skirts are patterned around a body hugging waist line that flares up towards the bottom. Leather skirts are best paired with short t-shirts and buttoned down blouses.

2. Bohemian Maxi Dresses 2013

Bohemian Maxi dresses are a great way to turn casual street styles into elegant street fashion. Maxi dresses are available in floral, abstract and animal prints as well as mono colored styles with lace and crochet embellishments to make it look graceful. Bohemian maxi dresses are all about femininity and grace. And if you’re looking to achieve elegance when it comes to street wear, then these Bohemian Maxi Dresses are a must have for you.

Street Style 2013

3. Denim Jackets 2013

To pull off a sexy and confident look, denim jackets work the spark well. Classic blue denim jackets are in for 2013 and you can pair them up with anything from trousers to shorts and from violet to red because of their versatility.

Street Style 2013

4. Oversize Handbags 2013

Oversize handbags are an inseparable part of street style because you can stuff as many things that need to go along with you, in style. You need not worry about loading up your hands with things you need to carry and can just stuff everything into the most stylish oversize handbag.

Oversized Handbags

Oversize handbags are meant for a casual look. Considering the trend in 2013, light colored oversize handbags like white, blue, pink and yellow are in vogue.

5. Knitted Jackets 2013

For the months of winter, knitted jackets do a great job with protecting you from the chill as well as making you look fashionable. This look is a complete “no-no” for the summer, but it certainly is a great way to beat the winter chill with a cool fashion statement.

Street Style 2013

6. Jumpsuits 2013

Want something you can jump into with ease and take to the streets in no time? If yes, then jumpsuits are the thing for you. Jumpsuits get trendier with each passing year. And while 2012 saw a rage in floral jumpsuits, we can tone it down a few notches with trendy mono colored jumpsuits. Long or short doesn’t matter, both are quite trendy and in vogue for 2013.

 Street Style 2013

7. Floral Wide Leg Pants 2013

Taking the trend of floral and printed leggings forward is the trend of floral wide leg pants in 2013. With floral prints that are pretty much in trend all year through and with the trend of wide leg pants resurfacing in 2013, wearing floral wide leg pants is the most fashionable way to combine both these trends and give you a modern, edgy look.

Street Style 2013

8. Distressed Denims 2013

The trend of torn jeans acts like an eclipse. They appear, disappear and reappear and disappear and appear again and the cycle continues. Distressed jeans are trending in 2013 with classic blue denims ripped along in length for a rugged street look.

Street Style 2013

Fixated already and cannot wait to try on these new looks for street style 2013? Well, then go ahead and make the most of these trends, because 2013 is just 363 days away from ending and you wouldn’t want to miss a single day of making your street-wear memorable.