Tantalizing Tattoos Galore For 2013!

There are many ways in which young boys and girls can clearly express their outlook towards fashion. No, this time we are not talking about clothes that accentuate your body and speak about your fashion taste and style. Flaunt your artistic side to the world by getting inked! We conducted a quick survey to discover the tattoo trends 2013 and were quite blown away by the number of teenage girls and boys as well as young adults who went in for an ‘imprint’. By imprint, we are not talking about the special imprint the character Jacob transferred onto Bella’s baby, in the movie ‘Twilight: The Breaking Dawn’!

woman showing tattoo trends 2013

Tattoo Trend Set To Rule

Instead, it is the tattoos that will be seen anywhere and everywhere you look for tattoo trends 2013. This form of art has been extremely commonly adorned by rough and tough bikers, adventurous sailors, patriotic soldiers and even rebels. So what makes this trend a mainstream one? Give it a thought. No clue? It is the increased awareness about the ease with which one can self express without having to scream out loud.  In earlier times, this trend was more of a controversy than a style statement.

Do not worry, we are lucky enough to be in this era which is way more relaxed and open to experimentation with the ongoing unique trends.

For next year, these tattoo designs in temporary or permanent form will create an uproar which will stay on for more than just twelve months. Haven’t you heard people who are surrounded by artistic influences always stating that our body is a precious piece of art that can be moulded whichever way we like? So, let us imbibe tattoos so that their inclusion can further enhance our beauty. On a fun note, won’t you like to wake up each day with the following thought screaming in your head ‘I have a tattoo that allows my skin to speak’! Won’t that be great?

arm shoulder is a tattoo trends 2013

Below mentioned are some of the key areas you should consider while getting inked next year.

Sexy Tattoos for the Shoulder Region

In 2013, this area will be the most sought after spot for placement of tattoos that can stay for a sufficient time span or indefinitely. What makes the shoulder area so much in demand is that it behaves almost like a broad and flat canvas for the artistic tattoo maker. Girls will definitely fall for this trend in the shoulder area. Plus, it is easy for them to show it off for the world to notice and admire. How? The day you get this body art on your skin, make sure you purchase a lovely, off shoulder dress too!

Here, check out the above image and do either of the two things: drool over it or get an appointment with a reliable tattoo maker!

dove on the wrist is a tattoo trends 2013

Tattooed Wrist is Super Cool for 2013

Many stars find this site the most convenient site for tattoo inscription. Check out online how delicate yet strong her wrist tattoo looks. Whose wrist? It is once again our iconic Rihanna’s wrist. Get inspired by it! As for tattoo designs, get any of the following options traced on for inking: cute butterfly, bracelet look, the alphabet ‘Love’ in thin calligraphy. More ideas include a lovely, simple dove (without or without color) or motivational anchor look.

Tattoos on Digits

That is quite a popular ‘must have’. Singer Miley Cyrus is definitely someone you can look up to for tattoo design inspiration. All her fingers have some or the other type of tattoo. They are simple but with a meaning to them which helped people analyse her charming persona. She once had a religious cross sign which later turned into a peace symbol. Also, her heart shaped tattoo looks neat and cute!

lower back butterfly tattoo trends 2013

Lower Back Tattoos

Let your bold style for fashion be on display! For those not afraid to go in for the crop style clothing with low waist jeans, think of getting a tattoo made on your lower back. Totally feminine and hot for 2013! How about the tribal style designs, the common yet totally irresistible colored butterfly or winged angel?

The tolerable, prickly pain is nothing in comparison to the end result you receive! Do any of the tattoo style predictions for the upcoming year please you?