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Taylor Swift’s Next Single 22 is about Friendship: Is it About Selena?

Taylor Swift’s next Single 22 from the album Red will release on April 1, 2013. From the lyrics, we know that it is an ode to friendship. But what we would really like to know is whether it is about her best friend and newly heart broken Selena Gomez.


Girlfriends Are Fun Forever

We all have been through this. Boyfriends (and even husbands) may come and go. But girlfriends are forever. There is no trouble in the world a heart to heart talk with your best friend won’t put right. And better still is a fun night out with your bestie.

Taylor Swift

Right now, Taylor herself is nursing a broken heart after her break up with One-Direction’s Harry Styles.  And what better than two friends getting together and ‘talking’ about exes and analyzing reasons and everything else. Oh, what we wouldn’t give to hear those exchanges.

Taylor Swift

22 Lyrics – An Expression of Taylor’s Feelings?

The lyrics of 22 are suspiciously similar to what Taylor (and Selena too) might like to do right now, in their ‘just-broken-up’ phases.

Parts of the lyrics include “…And make fun of our exes…” and “….to fall in love with strangers…”

Now you can’t tell me that is not intriguing.

And the chorus is all about having fun and “dancing like you are 22”. Taylor and Selena, young girls on the right side of 20, best friends and dancing the night away. So it does seem that this song is an ode to friendship and Selena.


Taylor is Known for Her ‘Real’ Songs

Well, this is not the first time Taylor has referenced a real person in her song. Her hit “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together” was supposedly a message she was giving out to ex-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal, who allegedly dumped her. In fact, the male model in the video looked very similar to Jake. Before that her song Dear John was about ex-boyfriend John Mayers, and ex Joe Jonas was the inspiration for Forever and Always. Now her newest release (with Tim McGraw and Keith Urban) The Highway don’t Care is supposedly about conveying a message to Harry Styles.

What of the Future

Surely, there will come a day, when Taylor will find her Mr. Right and get into a committed long term relationship. Oh, where then will she look for ‘inspiration’ for her songs.

Taylor Swift

Apparently, there is no danger of that happening any time soon, as Taylor says she is on an extended dating break post this spilt. She wants to focus on herself. Atta girl Taylor! The best decision in a long time.