Waterfall Jacket

The Best and Hottest Spring Jacket Trends 2012

A stunning jacket can divert all the attention from your outfit, jewellery, shoes or handbag. You will need to keep everything else simple with a Spring/Summer 2012 trendy jacket.

This season designers have taken inspiration from bold colours, the nature in spring and geometry to arrive at the startling designs and patterns in jackets.

Do you think you can carry off the sophistication and confidence that a fashionable jacket radiates? We are sure you can! Read on for the latest spring jacket trends 2012.

1)     Designer Jackets

These short jackets in varied prints and textures are perfect as a casual day wear and can be donned with a simple mini or midi-length skirt or dress. You can pair these up with light-coloured denims as well for that appealing look.

  Spring Jacket Trends

 2)     Denim Jackets Trends

One of the hottest entrants this season is this faded-neon, striking, dip-dyed denim jacket. Neon colours with such washed effect, vivacious pastels and contradictory hues are quite trendy this spring due to their freshness and bright appearance. Faded fluorescent tints are a must-add to your closet to be in vogue. Spring is the season of colours and the trends in jacket have incorporated this quite well!


 Faded Neon Dip Dyed Denim Jacket

 3)     Bomber Jackets

The youthful and peppy bomber jacket is back with a vibrant bang this spring. The aesthetics have been revamped though to stay completely classy for this season. Embrace these spring jackets with arms wide open and make afresh the school days’ memories with a huge style quotient.

Originally supposed to be a simple outerwear, the bomber has been taken to a new level this spring/summer 2012. Bold prints in satin and bombers in leather embellished with studs and jewels have been created at Prada this season. More trendy patterns include a lot of classic cuts with noticeable colours. The fashion tip would be to pair up these bombshells with subdued neutral hued skirts, pants or denims for a perfect, colour-balanced look.

4)     Colorful blazer Trends

Blazers are undisputed favourites with fashion lovers and are flaunted throughout the year across seasons. This spring, colourful blazers are the ones rocking the fashion runways and bazaars with their pulsating appeal. Designers have turned blazers into artistic pieces with varied prints, one for everyone. You can look very stylish and comfortable with the print of your taste. Show your true spirit, stand out and get noticed in the crowd with the very colourful blazers.

 5)     Kimono style jackets

One of the most perfect styles to arrive on the fashion front in the spring jacket 2012 collection are Kimono Jackets. They can transform your simplest outfit into the most exciting one. For all of you who love the vintage feel from the swinging 60s and 70s, kimono style jackets are the ones you cannot do without this spring.


 6)     Waterfall jackets

This long sleeved waterfall jacket stands out with its fabulous style. An apt spring jacket for occasions, it is all set to enhance the glam quotient of tops in bold prints and colours or plain ones worn underneath.

 Waterfall Cardigan

This waterfall cardigan is suitable for all special occasions and can be worn over a ball gown or a matching exquisite outfit for a wedding you have to attend. It is the right match for all summer and chiffon wear.

7)     Designer Vest Jacket

Vera Wang did stun all and sundry with this designer spring jacket 2012. Being extremely feminine with an immense romantic feel, this jacket vest is a conspicuous blend of futuristic touch and delicate nuances of thin fabric. It accentuates the waist by adding a little volume and is a sure-shot approach to garner a lot of attention towards the wearer’s silhouette. Go for it only if you are ready for it!

 Spring Jacket Trend 2012 – Vera Wang

 8)     Oh the oomph of this oversized Balenciaga spring jacket! Only an out-and-out fashionable wearer can carry it off with grace. The fancy shine of the fabric, the broad shoulders and the perfect combination of colors can be a definite inspiration for many designer fashion creations.

Spring Jacket Trend 2012 – Balenciaga

 Designers have played with exciting colours, fashionable prints and cuts to mould the trends in spring jackets this year. Fashion trends arrive in style and exit with changing seasons and passing years. The only thing that stays constant is looking your best with the most comfortable attire. Enhance your look with these quintessential spring jackets 2012. Explore from the wide range in diverse patterns and colours and make sure you pick the best that makes you appear out of the world!

Go for the material that stresses and brings out the best of your body type and go for the print that rejuvenates your personality and wardrobe. Look fresh and new with these hot spring jacket trends.