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The Best and the Worst Uniforms at the Olympics’ Opening Ceremony

The Olympics brought more than just sports on earth. It brought the best of trends and fashion along with some very laughable faux pas. The Olympics began with the grand Opening Ceremony that saw 200 countries march in waving and each contingent donning a uniform that set them apart from the others. It was these uniforms that received much praise and some flak from fashion pundits across the world.

Netherlands raised many eyebrows as the spirited contingent walked in wearing orange trousers. Who could have thought of wearing orange trousers? Surprisingly the look worked. Was it the orange tulips in their pockets or their smiles, we don’t know, but we surely liked them – a lot! Hats off to the Dutch for pulling off the seemingly impossible with such élan!

If the Dutch received thumbs up from us, another nation did equally poorly. The US athletes walked in smart navy blue and white uniforms with berets on their heads. It was not the first time that US wore the beret to the Games – yes they have done it several times in the past – but never looked this controversial before. Guerilla warriors, flight attendants, or boy-girl scouts, – we just could not decide. Those berets proved a complete mismatch to the rest of the outfit!

On the other hand, Poland walked into the stadium in red shoes peeking out from under complete white uniforms. The roses on the skirts just blew us away. Very nice indeed! Sweden surprised us too with rugby styled jerseys in colours inspired by the national flag and styled white pants and pretty white skirts. It shouldn’t have worked, and they could have easily become the worst dressed contingent. But that did not happen. Instead, the Swedes pulled off the look really well. Superb!

Team Great Britain marched in wearing white and gold outlines at some of the most unusual places which definitely looked chic. Did they think they were going to a party or a concert? Whatever they thought, we are proud, we are impressed!


Canada brought in the colour red, a little black tie and khakhi trousers as they marched by waving their colours proudly. Simple, sweet and smart! The no-nonsense attire speaks well for itself. And just so you got lost in the colours, there was Canada written across every jersey. But we did not mind that at all!

Blue for the boys and pink for the girls – that seemed to be the rule for the German contingent as it walked in wearing baby colours. And frankly speaking we did not know what to make of it. We could have understood the national colour, or even a traditional costume. But this we don’t.

There is one thing for certain. Whether the best dressed or the worst, every nation would go down in history for being a part of the greatest sporting event, the Olympics which by the way comes to an end today L