The Cropped Sweater Trend

The Cropped Sweater: Fall’s “It” Piece and Five Easy Ways To Style It

The cropped sweater might not be exactly the newest trend on the fashion radar, but its longevity and versatility should definitely stand for something. It was back in 2010 when the designers first thought about reintroducing the cropped sweater into their fall collections, and here we are two years later, with the trend becoming bigger and bolder than ever. New shapes, new prints, new fabrics and countless ways to wear it, helped reinventing this comfy trend season after season. Celebrities developed an early passion for the effortless wardrobe piece and made absolute sure everyone else noticed, after all, they are the real trend-setters. And although the cropped silhouette might seem like a rather odd option for the colder season, don’t worry, as there are many ways it could successfully replace the slouchy, long or oversized sweaters we’re so used to by now. It will feel nice to try and switch things up for once, and with the help of our five inspiring examples, you’ll understand all the fuss around this cute and modern item that promises to carry you from work, all the way into a fancy evening out.

The Cropped Sweater Trend

1. Layer the cropped sweater over a longer shirt. This is the easiest way to incorporate the cropped silhouette into your fall and winter wardrobe. The resulting look is chic enough to be worn at school or work, without having to compromise on the comfort factor, or having to think about the cold for instance. The cozy upper part of your outfit can be easily complemented by nearly anything from pencil and floor length skirts, to cropped, flared pants or even shorts. Depending on your personal choice of fabrics and prints, this look can be extremely versatile and easy to reinvent. Maybe that’s why it never gets boring or old.

Cropped Sweater Trend

2. Pair the cropped sweater with a dress. You know all of those sleeveless dresses you love to wear so much during summer, that became practically useless once the cold season settles in? Well, with the help of a stylishly cropped sweater you can transition your favorite dresses into fall and winter whenever you feel like it. This way you get to make double use of your existing wardrobe, while also sporting one of the hottest trends of the season. I say it’s a win-win situation.

The Cropped Sweater Trend

3. Wear the cropped sweater with a high-waist silhouette. If you feel like making a statement using your cropped sweater, or simply want to take full advantage of its sophisticated and alluring cuts, than you may want to wear it with a high-waist skirt or fitted pair of trousers. The cropped and the high-waist silhouettes seem like the absolute perfect match, looking absolutely divine together.  Follow on Diane Kruger’s footsteps for more exciting examples, as the actress is a clear fan of the cropped concept. She makes it look incredible effortless and chic.

Cropped Sweater

4. Match a cropped sweater with a classic pair of ripped blue jeans. For that carefree and laid-back look, perfect for a busy day filled with errands to run, there’s nothing quite as perfect as pulling a pair of distressed jeans out of the closet, and team it with a cozy and great looking cropped sweater. The instant effect screams comfort and style. Accessorize your casual-chic look with a pair of wedges or ankle boots, keep your hair natural or pull it into a high ponytail and you’re all set and ready to go in no time.

The Cropped Sweater

5. Team the cropped sweater with a flared pair of pants. The most amazing quality the cropped sweater possesses is most definitely its versatility. Depending on the way you choose to style it, it can take you from looking edgy, to sporty, sophisticated and even bohemian. For a unique and eye-catching outfit, try teaming a cropped sweater with a pair of super flared pants. Keeping the look monochromatic will add an extra touch of glamour to your appearance. This sophisticated approach will make you stand out and don’t be surprised if some heads will turn on the streets.

Integrating the cropped silhouette into your wardrobe is actually not that difficult. If you make sure to follow just a few common sense fashion rules and add your own personality to the mix, the results can become outstanding. The cropped sweater is an extremely flattering and smart piece, that is able to fully emphasize the rest of your wardrobe, so don’t think twice before achieving it.