College Fashion Trends 2012 - Jackets

The Fashionista’s 6 Tips-Guide to College Fashion for 2013

Did your days in school pass by in a haze wherein you carried a pile of books in your shoulder bag and wore whatever you could get hold off from your closet?

Enter college and along with it, enters a brand new girl, all set to become a woman. Fashion starts to appeal to you, trends grow on you and you now become much more conscious of what you wear and end up spending hours going through your closet and standing in front of a mirror.

Besides books and lessons, fashion starts playing an important role in the life of a collegian. You want to look good and you want to feel good and you never want to be out of style. So here we are with a little help as we present to you the ultimate guide to college fashion for 2013.

You won’t have to spend hours looking for the latest trends to keep you upbeat with fashion. All you have to do is read ahead and with these 6 simple tips, you will be on your way to win the title of the fashion queen of your college campus.

1. Vivid coloured bottoms 2013

While you can save the minis for parties, bring out some colourful bottoms to look fresh and youthful. Classic blue denims are a must have for every collegian as you can pair these with almost anything. And you should also consider investing in some lovely pairs of neon coloured trousers and jeans as these are very much in style for 2013.

Besides neon coloured jeans, animal print leggings and floral trousers are also good for a summer/spring 2013 college look.


2. Jackets 2013

The college trend for 2013 is to flaunt what’s inside the jacket and not cover it up. Go for jackets without buttons and if there are buttons on your jacket, simply leave them undone. Just like neon trousers, bright coloured jackets are in vogue, especially red ones, therefore it is advisable to wear a sober coloured T-shirt inside so that it stands out perfectly against the colour of your jacket.

3. Tees 2013

The latest trends in tees are long tunics, stripes and graphic tees.

Make sure you have plenty of these to pair up with your trousers, jeans, legging and jackets. However, you’ll be glad to know that no matter what tee you wear, you can always lift up your look by accessorizing it correctly.

4. Accessorize Heavily in 2013

Stock up on accessories for 2013. A look without accessories is as good as a bride wearing jeans to her wedding. Accessories are an essential part of your attire for college. And guess what? Accessories are the hottest college trend. So how do you accessorize?

  • Get yourself some lovely metallic oversized neck pieces and earrings and go loud on the bling factor.
  • Buy yourself leather and animal print belts, oversized and narrow.
  • Fill your closet with trendy bracelets and wooden bangles.
  • Keep a good number of hair bands ready as it is the trendiest look for hairdos in 2013.


5. College Footwear

While college life is about being trendy and fashionable, you should also look out for your comfort. Wearing heels for long periods of time could do some serious damage to your legs, unless you are confident strutting about in them for hours. If you want to put comfort first, you can be fashionable too by investing in a few pairs of ballerinas. Ballerinas are very feminine and trendy and you can pull them off with almost anything.

6. Bags 2013

Now here’s something in store for bag lovers. Side satchels are the latest trend in bags for 2013. They come in a variety of colours, are comfortable to carry and are also very stylish. If you need to stock up your bag with a lot of things, then an oversized handbag is the perfect option for you.


Now are you all set to rock the college campus?

Well, we hope that this helped. Follow these trends and let everyone’s eyes be glued on to you.

You are now closer to becoming the College Fashion Queen for 2013. Good luck!