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The Glamour and Glitz of Rhythmic Gymnastics at the Olympics

Rhythmic gymnastics form one of the most spectacular events of Olympics. Grace and agility merge with glamour and glitz to produce one of the most beautiful sporting events of the Games. An all female event, rhythmic gymnastics are one of the most stylish of all events with athletes outdoing each other with their performances and attires.

The London 2012 Games were no different for the rhythmic gymnastics event as country after country showcased their best. South Korean Yeon Jae Son put her best foot forward in a beautiful pink and purple number with sequin and jewels that did very well for her. Complete with a soft look and makeup, she looked as precious as the golden ball she danced with. Cute, sweet and fragile, Yeon Jae Son gave fashion a new dimension on the floor.

Lilac and Lace: Who could have thought there could be a combination of the two that could look as mesmerizing as it did on Carolina Rodriguez of Spain? While she flew in the air very much like a bird, her costume did great justice to her routine. While lace covered an arm, there was purple at wrist of the other arm. Feminine and yet bold, her style was every bit a part of her performance. The only drawback was her makeup that was simply too ordinary to go with her extraordinary dress.

If Spain showed the power of lace, Kazakhstan showed the power of black. In a fantastic design, black, neon and diamantes came together to make a piece of leotard that can only be termed as downright sexy. Bold patterns that hid some and revealed some kept the mystery all too alive for the entire performance. A flash of neon here and a sparkle of silver there, the costume was as complete as the performance. Not to mention the ring, that too seemed inspired by the colours. A word for the makeup – the eyes perfect, the cheeks, we could have definitely lived with a little less colour on them.

When it came to perfection, none could match Cyprus in grace or style. In an exquisitely designed costume in blue and white, the ice maiden look worked wonders right down to the silver ball. The hair, perfect, the makeup even more perfect, the design – out of the world! Nothing was missed, not even the nails that were painted the prettiest shade of blue. Simple and angelic, the costume brought out the best in the performance. Full marks to the designer!

If Kazakhstan showed the power of black, Deng Senyue of China proved the power of white in a sparkling costume complemented with a bright red ball. There were sparkles, white and more white. The overall effect came out to be straight, simple and sober and could have bordered on the boring had it not been for the bright red dot that she balanced.

Who could have thought that such a vibrant show of colours and designs would one day be a part of the Olympics? And yet here they are, for all to admire.