The Hottest Bikini and Swimwear Trends 2012

The barely-there bikini and swimwear trends are here with a thunderous scream this summer.

We know that most of you can’t wait a moment longer to hit the shoreline. But whether you’re drenching in the sun in Copacabana or on the Tenerife, the most significant decision won’t be about the SPF of your sunscreen rub, but the swimwear that you’ll be donning.

Let’s have a detailed look at what’s in and what’s not on the swimwear fashion front. Let’s explore all the hip and happening cuts and styles. We’ll help you pick the perfect piece of beachwear that will make sure you rock amidst the radiating sunshine.

Leading designers all across the globe have come up with stunning, innovative and trendsetting designs for all the beach worshipers who love to play, tan and bask in the gleaming sun. The swimsuit industry has broken the monotony by going beyond the fairly standardized designs this season and brought in very bright, upbeat and vivacious range in swimwear to stun the beaches from Rio to Bali.

1)     Vintage-inspired

The playful, curvaceous look and the sheer magnetism of the vintage inspired swimwear is all set to floor you with its variety. You can either choose to look very sophisticated or extremely sexy by picking your favourite from this collection.

High-waist bottoms, halter necks, vintage inspired color palette, Hawaiian prints, tops with fuller cups are some of the features that set apart the vintage swimwear from the rest.

 Vintage-inspired Swimwear

 2)     Bikinis with a Ruffle

This pattern is designed to bring out the distinct feminine appeal. The best about this raging trend is that there is no defined style to it. This season designers have styled and placed ruffles in every possible way they could.


Ruffled Bikinis

 3)     Crochet Bikinis

This is one of the must-have fashion trends this summer. Crochet bikinis and swimsuits are a perfect blend of sizzling appeal and authenticity that any woman desires from her beachwear. Apart from flaunting the body in the most alluring manner, the intricate crochet work and design serves as a perfect camouflage for any flaws that might be present.

The other advantage of this range is that a crochet mono-kini can be paired up with denim, midi-length skirts or crisp pair of pants to double it as daywear.

 Crochet Swimwear

 4)     One-shoulder Swimwear

This hot trend of 2009 is back again this season and is here to create a major style statement. The peculiarities of this 2012 swimwear range that distinguishes it from the 2009 collection are:

  • A single, thick strap
  • Contrasting colours of the strap and the rest of the swimsuit

5)     Strapped Swimwear

A variety of styles in strapping, both thin and thick, have set runways afire this time of the year. Be it a wide strapping on the sides of a vintage-inspired bottom, or embellished straps to detail the shoulder area, this trend has picked up more pace than anticipated.

 Statement Strapping

 6)     Digital Prints

Bold digital prints are a result of the latest on the technological front that the designers have at their fingertips. Ethnically inspired prints in highly contrasting vibrant shades, art work and iconic prints are some of the most sought after this season.

Coverup Trends in 2012

The latest in swimwear cover-ups will add more elegance to your look. These will serve the purpose of hiding what you wouldn’t want people to notice quite artistically.



  Crochet Coverup


 Aqua Di Lara’s swimsuit coverup



  Skye Swimwear Coverup


Flattering your Figure with the Ideal Swimwear

This year’s collection has something in it for all you beach lovers’ out there. No one is going to be left disappointed for sure.

  • Fuller figure

We would recommend the vintage look for all you curvaceous ones. Don’t hide your curves; heighten their appeal by trying halters or cupped swimwear, or any style that accentuates an hourglass figure by playing around your waistline.

  • Pear shaped body or a small bust-line

Ruffles fuller-cupped vintage swimsuits are a perfect option to add volume and enhance the appeal of your torso. They will act as an amplifier for your bust-line balancing the look with your lower half.

  • Apple-shaped

Ruffles will come to your rescue yet again; however choose to accentuate the lower half to strike a balance with your bust area. Stay away from amorphous crochet or string swimwear if they come with no or little support; instead stand by structured modes of creation and halter-necks.

  • Short legs

To add length to your petite frame, wear a printed top with a subtle-colored bottom, shifting the entire attention on the upper body. Do not choose boy-legged bottoms; prefer high-cut ones instead.

  • Athletic figures

If curvaceous is an alien word to your body type, the exotic styles like statement strapping, backless swimwear and crochet patterns are the perfect ones to show off your chiseled physique.

A perfect swimsuit would be the one that would enhance your body, irrespective of its original shape, and would set you apart from the crowd. Let’s perplex the bystanders as to who’s blazing that radiance, is it the sun or is it just you!?